Ring Launches Ring for Business Because Security is One Thing Entrepreneurs Shouldn’t Have to Worry About
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Ring Launches Ring for Business Because Security is One Thing Entrepreneurs Shouldn’t Have to Worry About

By Ring on August 8, 2019

Small businesses are the backbone of the economy, and yet it can be a constant challenge to stay afloat. That's why Ring is launching Ring for Business — because security should be one thing business owners never have to worry about.

Ring has been working to make neighborhoods safer for years with Ring Doorbells, Security Cameras, and Ring Alarm. Now, we're expanding our security solutions to better serve the needs of small businesses in the U.S. and Canada. 

Business owners can now access Ring's suite of security products and take advantage of the easy installation. With Ring for Business, we're also offering affordable, commitment-free professional monitoring, so business owners can relax and know that they're protected around the clock.

Security That Won't Break the Bank


Watch Mandy's Cafe's Story

Business owners know how important security is, but, too often, it's an expense they just can't afford. Many security systems require hardware, installation, and monitoring -- at prices that can be prohibitive for businesses trying to make ends meet. Watch Mandy's Cafe's Story

At Ring, we don't think entrepreneurs should have to sacrifice safety in order to make payroll. Our products are designed so users can set them up themselves (and we have dedicated support staff to guide setup and troubleshoot if they get stuck). Ring Protect subscription provides 24/7 professional monitoring* and 1801-day video event recording for unlimited cameras — no long-term commitments required. 

Gus and Valarie Lopez have been running restaurants in California for years. With the industry's tight margins, they weren't able to install security systems, and one of their restaurants was robbed. So when they opened their latest venture, Mandy's Cafe in Bakersfield, security was top of mind.

"When we were building and fixing Mandy's, the first thing we thought was putting cameras in the front, in the back, everywhere, [so we'd] be secure," said Gus.

They installed a Ring Alarm with motion detectors and contact sensors, the Ring Doorbell, and two indoor cameras, as well as a panic button at the cash register. They also pay for a Ring Protect subscription, which Gus said was reasonably priced.

"[The price] makes a lot of difference because I can have more money to use on something else," Gus said with a laugh. "Or just have it in my pocket."

He said the system lets him and his wife relax a bit when they're not at the restaurant, and it helps his customers feel safer as well.

"It brings more business," he said. "If they know that the place is secure, they feel secure, and the whole place is better."

A DIY Security System That’s Easy to Customize to Your Unique Business Needs


Watch Rocky Mountain Rotors' Story

Unlike some security systems, Ring's products are designed to be easily installed and are customizable depending on users' preferences. This is especially resonant for businesses that have unique needs, like Rocky Mountain Rotors in Belgrade, Montana.

Mark Taylor runs Rocky Mountain Rotors, and Ring's DIY capability was a huge selling point for him. His business includes a flight school, helicopter charters, and maintenance services; there are multiple buildings and people are constantly coming and going. It was impossible for Taylor to keep an eye on everything at once, which made it more likely that he'd miss potential customers who came to the door.

Two Ring Doorbells solved that problem, allowing Taylor to talk with clients or delivery people through the app even if he wasn't able to answer the door.

Taylor also installed the Ring Alarm with several motion detectors and contact sensors, as well as indoor and outdoor cameras, which help monitor the millions of dollars of aircraft inside his hangar. He said he was able to easily use the app to customize one of the cameras so the motion detectors wouldn't be activated by cars traveling on a nearby road.

"We weren't just looking for an alarm system, we weren't just looking for a doorbell system, we weren't just looking for a camera system. We wanted a little of everything," Taylor said. "It is incredibly easy to customize to whatever you're doing."

Total Control of the Security System in the Palm of Your Hand


Watch Big Swinging Cycles' Story

It's no secret that business owners wear many hats and are constantly pulled in different directions. That means it's vital that their security systems are responsive, easy to use and can be controlled on the go.

Ring for Business, in particular, is set up so that business owners can monitor multiple locations within the same app. Brian Bruckner has owned Big Swingin' Cycles in San Francisco for 20 years, and he recently opened a second location in Marin County.

Bruckner was already a Ring customer, so it was easy for him to add the second shop to his security system.

"All I had to do was add that new location, install my products, add the devices, and I'm up and running," he said. "I can toggle between the locations, I can arm and disarm my alarm for that location, I can check in on the cameras. It kind of fell under the box of, 'we already got this.' So that was really, really, really nice."

Bruckner didn't always have it so easy with his security. Over the course of a decade, he experienced multiple break-ins at the San Francisco store. After each burglary, he'd boost his security — adding gates to the windows, putting in bars, welding bolts in place. These measures worked for awhile, but then thieves would get more creative in their attempts to steal his bikes.

It got so bad that he spent a night sleeping in the shop to prevent any more attempted robberies. Then he installed a Ring camera.

"It was super easy to set up, and it sent a message [to the thieves]: 'Look, we know you're trying. And so now we're going to see you if you do.'"

Shortly after, a nearby bike shop was broken into and robbed of its entire stock. Big Swingin' Cycles had a security camera. The other shop did not.

Bruckner's shop now includes indoor and outdoor cameras, Ring Alarm with contact sensors and motion detectors.

"The amount of peace of mind it gives is just phenomenal," he said.

All-in-One Solution for Security, Smart Access, and Wi-Fi so You Can Focus on What You Love


Watch Giggle & Riot's Story

Running a business can be all-consuming, and owners say it's tough to maintain a work-life balance when they have so many things to take care of at all hours of the day. Ring's suite of products aims to take away some of the stressors so entrepreneurs are freed up to focus on doing what they love.

In addition to Ring's security products, Ring for Business offers Key by Amazon, which allows users to easily lock and unlock smart locks directly from the Live View of any Ring Doorbell or Cam. It also gives them the ability to control access to their space. On top of that, eero provides a more reliable, fast, and secure Wi-Fi network throughout every inch of the property.

Giggle and Riot is a Sacramento-based business that customizes photo booths for parties, weddings, and events. It has an 8,000-square-foot building with offices, photo studios, a production space, and a warehouse. Not surprisingly, there are people coming in and out at all hours.

"One of the most important things is making sure that our equipment is safe, because we have thousands of dollars of equipment," said co-founder Caroline Winata. "We have several Ring cameras that we can monitor when our attendants are coming back at 3 a.m. We know that they're getting into the building safely, everything's secured, [and] all the doors are locked. That's something that really helps us sleep at night."

Giggle and Riot also takes advantage of Key by Amazon, creating different levels of access throughout their building for different types of employees. 

"We've been able to restrict access to certain areas just to the right people that have clearance for that area," she said. "In some areas, we store expensive equipment or private information from our clients, so it's nice to be able to determine who gets access to certain rooms in the building."

eero, meanwhile, enables them to set up a guest Wi-Fi network for clients and vendors, so that anyone in the building has access to a reliable, safe, and secure connection. For Winata, who also serves as the company's unofficial IT department, it's been especially useful because she now spends less time dealing with Wi-Fi issues and has more time to focus on being creative.

"We're able to really take our building to the next step. That means that we're spending less time worrying about our security, and more time on our business and our work," Winata said. "It gives us the freedom to focus on what we love. It's really given us a lot of our life back."

Ring for Business is Available Across the U.S. and Canada

Discounted bundles of Ring products best suited for businesses are available in the U.S. and Canada at Ring.com, including a Business Starter Kit, a Premium Business Kit, and an Enhanced Business Kit.

Updated on June 1, 2022.

1 To keep videos beyond your trial, subscribe to Ring Protect, which allows videos to be stored in the cloud temporarily, up to 180 days. Video storage defaults to 60 days. Changing your video storage time will only affect videos that are recorded after you adjust your storage time setting. Check Ring Protect Subscription Plans (https://ring.com/protect-plans) for more information about your plan’s retention period.

*Requires a Ring Protect plan, which is a separate purchase. 24/7 professional monitoring for intrusion only. Smoke and carbon monoxide monitoring is not available for commercial properties. See the following for monitoring licenses: https://ring.com/licenses.

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