Sleek, Affordable and Convenient Security With The Second Generation Ring Alarm
Sleek, Affordable and Convenient Security With The Second Generation Ring Alarm
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Sleek, Affordable and Convenient Security With The Second Generation Ring Alarm

By Ring on April 9, 2020

Now, more than ever, we expect technology to make our lives safer, easier, and more convenient, at an affordable price. At Ring, we believe your home’s smart security system should be no exception.

That’s why we’re introducing the next generation of the Ring Alarm. With a brand new sleek design, the updated Ring Alarm Keypad features one-touch buttons that let you request police, fire, or medical assistance with just one tap. And with newly designed Motion Detectors and Contact Sensors that are smaller and easier to mount, this award-winning system offers you customizable, smart security for any home, at an affordable price.

Of course, it’s not just about the looks. There’s so much more to the new Ring Alarm than meets the eye. Not only is it a commitment-free security system that can be professionally monitored with a Ring Protect subscription, it works seamlessly with other compatible Ring security devices, like doorbells and cameras.

For almost two years in communities across the country, neighbors have been discovering the security and peace of mind the Ring Alarm provides. Just ask Rohit from Los Angeles, California.

Ring Alarm Saves Home From a Break-In

Rohit, his partner and their two pets, a cat and a dog, have recently moved into a new home in a “beautiful neighborhood.” It was their first time living in a single-family home, and Rohit wanted to make sure it was protected, so he armed it with a Ring Alarm, complete with a Ring Video Doorbell and several Ring Security Cameras.

One afternoon, when Rohit wasn’t home, he started getting notifications one after the other on his Ring App. He opened the Live View from his Ring cameras to discover that someone was trying to break into his house.

Because his Ring App linked all of his Ring devices together, Rohit was able to see a comprehensive view of what was happening all around his home. Just as the two men were sneaking around the side of his house, attempting to get inside through the back, Rohit quickly activated the siren on his Ring Alarm. This immediately set the two men fleeing and triggered his Ring Doorbell and Security Cameras to keep recording.


“I set the alarm off myself from my app,” Rohit said. “It was probably shortly after he slid the screen door open and saw it was locked.”

After experiencing how the Ring Alarm saved him from a break-in, Rohit ordered three more Spotlight Cams to expand the Ring of Security around his entire home. It offers him “peace of mind” that everyone in his household is safe and secure.

Professional Monitoring Helps Save a 100-Year-Old Farmhouse From Fire

While protection outside is important, monitoring your home on the inside adds an extra layer of security, too. Jennifer discovered this firsthand after she installed the Ring Alarm, with a Ring Protect subscription and professional monitoring, for her 100-year-old farm house in Dade City, Florida. The “easy integration of the whole system” and professional monitoring worked exactly as they should on a day when she needed it the most.

Jennifer wasn’t home when she got a call from the Ring professional monitoring center. They had received an alert from her Ring Alarm Smoke & CO Listener¹. Since Jennifer wasn’t there, she couldn’t confirm what was happening at her beloved house.

That’s when Ring stepped in –– the professional monitoring agent requested assistance from the local fire department. Because the firefighters were dispatched so quickly, they contained the fire before it got out of control, and, thankfully, moved Jennifer’s two senior dogs outside to safety.

The firefighters told Jennifer that if the predominantly wood-constructed house wasn’t monitored, it “would not have lasted long.”

Late Night Alert Prevents a Flood

While Jennifer wasn’t home during the fire, Frank of Albuquerque, New Mexico was just upstairs in his bedroom when he got an alert on his Ring app.

After a burglary a few years back, Frank installed the Ring Alarm at his home. He particularly liked how it integrates with Alexa and how he can arm and disarm it no matter where he is. Little did he know that one night he would discover his Ring Alarm was there for more than just security.

Right as Frank and his wife were about to fall asleep, he received an alert on his phone––his Ring Alarm Flood and Freeze Sensor¹ detected water. He quickly ran down to the crawl space and discovered that a pipe had burst. Within minutes, he shut off the pipe, saving him and his wife thousands of dollars in possible flood damage.

“If we didn't have the [Ring Alarm Flood and Freeze Sensor], it could have leaked for days before we knew,” said Frank. “I'm not sure we would have known until it filled to the level of the vents and started pouring out.”

Ring Alarm Helps Return a Runaway Beloved Dog

Though material damage can be devastating, the loss of a family member can impact us even more. Take Jason and Courtney of Surprise, Arizona, whose Ring Alarm saved them from losing a beloved dog.

One day, Jason and Courtney’s daughter armed the Ring Alarm and left the house. Unfortunately, the door didn’t latch behind her, and swung open after she was already gone. This triggered the front door’s Contact Sensor, which alerted Jason. He opened his Ring App to see what was happening through their Ring Spotlight Cam overlooking the driveway, and watched their 4-year-old dog, Finn, sneak out of the open door. He called his daughter immediately.


“Our daughter and her boyfriend were able to find him and brought him home within seven minutes of him leaving! Many families don’t get this lucky to get their beloved pets back,” said Courtney.

Whether it’s a break-in, household damage, or a lost pet, time and time again we’ve seen how the Ring Alarm provides neighbors with security and peace of mind. It’s no wonder the Ring Alarm was named #1 in Customer Satisfaction for DIY Home Security Systems by J.D. Power².

Just like Rohit, Jennifer, Frank, Jason, and Courtney have discovered, the Ring Alarm packs the strength of a whole-home security system without the need for professional installation, although it’s available in select locations. In fact, you can easily install it yourself, right out of the box without any drilling or permanent modifications to your home. Rest assured that the Ring Alarm will provide security for your home and family for years to come.

Get the new Ring Alarm Security Kit that is right for you and start building your Ring of Security today.

¹ Sold separately.

² For J.D. Power 2019 award information, visit

This blog was updated on June 02, 2020.

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