Ring Launches New Cameras to Offer More Security Coverage for Your Home or Business, Inside and Out
New Low Cost Ring Indoor Outdoor Security Cameras Launch
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Ring Launches New Cameras to Offer More Security Coverage for Your Home or Business, Inside and Out

By Ring on September 24, 2019

Security isn't a one-size-fits-all solution, and we know it's important for people to have a system that meets their needs. That's why we're excited to announce that a brand new product is joining our line-up: Ring Indoor Cam.

This is our first-ever indoor-only security camera, and it's our most affordable camera yet. The little camera packs a big punch and will let users check what's going on in their homes even when they can't be there.

The Ring Indoor Cam costs just $59.99 and it has all the features people have come to know and love from Ring: simple DIY installation, two-way talk, motion-activated alerts, Live View, and easy access through the Ring App.

The Indoor Cam can be placed just about anywhere around the house - on a flat surface or mounted to a wall - and is designed to give users peace of mind, so they know exactly what’s going on in their homes.

For full visibility, users can get several Indoor Cams to cover the entire space. For instance, they can put one on the TV console in the living room and another on the kitchen counter, connect them in the Ring App, and control them all through one dashboard. That makes it easy to say hi to the kids when they get home from school using two-way talk or make sure the dog is behaving while at work, and check in on the house while on vacation.

The Indoor Cam is small and easy to move around, which makes it an ideal security product for residents of homes, apartments, and townhouses that want maximum visibility inside their properties.

"Our mission is to make neighborhoods safer, and that means having top-notch security indoors as well as outdoors," said Ring founder Jamie Siminoff. "Every home is different and has unique security needs, so, as a team of inventors, we're constantly developing new products that allow every customer to create a smart security system that works best for them.”

To that end, we're also announcing the third-generation Stick Up Cam, which provides flexible home security wherever it’s needed most. The new Stick Up Cam can be installed indoors or outdoors and is available with three different power options, so users can get the product that works best for their homes or businesses.

Stick Up Cam Plug-In costs $99.99 and is designed to give users nonstop power for nonstop security. Stick Up Cam Battery also costs $99.99 and is powered by a removable, rechargeable battery pack. Users can buy a second battery pack for $29 to make sure they always have a backup. Stick Up Cam Solar is $148.99, it also comes with the wireless convenience of battery power and has a solar panel to charge it with ample sunlight.

One of the great things about both the Indoor Cam and Stick Up Cam is their compatibility with other Ring smart home security devices, Amazon Alexa, as well as Works with Ring products.

With the Ring App, users can set up their cameras to start recording when their Ring Alarm is triggered or when their Ring Smart Lighting detects motion; with select smart locks, they can open the door when they have a visitor. And with Alexa, they can say, “Alexa, show the backyard" to see the camera’s Live View or, “Alexa, answer the kitchen” to speak with someone in the room.

Both the Indoor Cam and Stick Up Cam feature up to 1080p HD video and include motion zones, which let users pick the areas to receive motion alerts for. The cameras also include Night Vision, which provides crisp HD video even if the lights are off. And if users add a Ring Protect subscription, they can save all of their recordings in the app for up to 1801 days.

Privacy features let users disable motion recording, alerts, and audio from the app whenever they want. They can also schedule motion alerts to turn on when they usually leave the house and turn off when they typically return, so they don’t get notifications when they're home. Plus, with Modes coming to all Ring cameras in November, users will be able to customize how their cameras operate using three different modes -- Home, Away and Disarmed.

We know that Ring customers are actively involved in their homes, family, and community. They want to keep an eye on their homes even when they aren't there and feel empowered, connected, and bold enough to take action to make their homes and neighborhoods safer. The new Indoor Cam and third generation Stick Up Cam are designed to help them do just that. 

Order your Ring Indoor Cam, Stick Up Cam Plug-in, Stick Up Cam Battery and Stick Up Cam Solar now.

Updated on June 1, 2022.

1 To keep videos beyond your trial, subscribe to Ring Protect, which allows videos to be stored in the cloud temporarily, up to 180 days. Video storage defaults to 60 days. Changing your video storage time will only affect videos that are recorded after you adjust your storage time setting. Check Ring Protect Subscription Plans (https://ring.com/protect-plans) for more information about your plan’s retention period.

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