Let’s Give Gratitude to the Good Samaritan Neighbors This Holiday Season
Let’s Give Gratitude to the Good Samaritan Neighbors This Holiday Season
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Let’s Give Gratitude to the Good Samaritan Neighbors This Holiday Season

By Ring on November 26, 2019

The holidays are a time to give thanks, and as the end of the year approaches, we want to take a moment to extend our gratitude to all who’ve shown kindness to others in communities across the country. In gestures both big and small, people are pitching in to support their neighbors when they need it most—whether it's helping a scared child, dropping off a donation, or bringing over pups to cheer a neighbor up. These good Samaritans and their kind deeds bring people together, which makes communities stronger, and stronger communities make neighborhoods safer.

Neighbors Use Their Ring Video Doorbell to Make Sure a Little Girl Is Safe When She Comes to Their Door While They're Gone

When six-year-old Alethia woke up from a nap and discovered that her older brother, who was babysitting her, had stepped away, she walked to her neighbor Sarah Holm’s house in Colorado City, UT, to see if they were home. Unfortunately, Sarah and her family were out of town, but thanks to the Two-Way Talk feature on her Ring Video Doorbell, they were able to see and speak to Alethia to make sure she was safe while they scrambled to get in touch with her family. Sarah kept talking with Alethia via the doorbell and was able to comfort her until her father came to pick her up.


Police Officer Drops Off a Surprise Donation for a Nonprofit at the Charity Founder’s Home

When Aivel Gordils met Officer Rafael Garcia at a Latin America Festival in Charlotte, NC, she told him about her charity, Venezuelans in the Carolinas. The nonprofit provides resources to Venezuelans in the community and helps those dealing with the humanitarian crisis in her home country. She was delighted when Officer Garcia later asked if she was interested in receiving some donations. Unfortunately, she wasn't home when he came to drop them off, but, thanks to her Ring Video Doorbell and its motion-detection feature that had triggered the video recording, she was able to see the officer leaving the box of food on her doorstep. Gordils told a local news site that she shared the picture on Facebook so that the local Hispanic community would know that police officers were, "here to help."

Long-Time Neighbors Bring Their Dogs to Console a Grieving Friend

When Haddy Younes lost his grandmother, he said he was "a mess." But the following day, two of his neighbors of ten years, Eric and Dan Buglio, showed up on his doorstep in Allentown, PA, with their two adorable pups to offer emotional support during this somber time. The neighbors, "wanted to wish [him] well and condolences." Haddy wasn't home when they came by, but thanks to his Ring Video Doorbell, he was able to see his friends and their kind gesture. "I love dogs [so] when I saw the video it cheered me up and made me so happy," he said.


All of these kind gestures remind us of the power of community. By helping each other out in, we strengthen our ties and inspire even more acts of goodwill that bring our communities even closer together and make our neighborhoods safer.

Do you have a story of a good Samaritan in your neighborhood lending a hand? Share your gratitude with your community on the Neighbors App!

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