Ring Helps Family Take Care of Elderly Grandmother and Catches Act of Kindness on Video
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Ring Helps Family Take Care of Elderly Grandmother and Catches Act of Kindness on Video

By Ring on October 18, 2019

When Opal Zucca had a bad fall in January, a good Samaritan stranger stayed with her until the ambulance came.

Opal, 88, was bringing in her trash can from the end of the driveway when she fell; Billy Shelby, a sanitation worker on her street, saw it happen and stopped his rounds to stay by her side.

Opal, who lives in Independence, MO, had to get seven stitches, and since that day, Billy has brought her trash can down the driveway for her every single week.


His act of kindness was recently caught on Opal’s Ring Spotlight Cam that she has installed on the front of her house. Opal's daughter Colette Kingston was touched when she saw a video of a man in a bright yellow jacket, holding her mom's hand as he brought the trash can back to her house.

"I got very teary eyed," she said. "What a sweet gesture."

Colette uses the Ring Spotlight Cam to keep an eye on her mom’s home when she can't be there. The Ring app alerts her when there's motion outside the house.

"We can see who comes to her home and when she walks down the drive for mail," Colette said, adding that having the Ring Spotlight Cam gave her peace of mind that her mom is doing OK.

In the video, Billy chats companionably with Opal, asking her if she's doing laundry and complementing her hair. "I've got to work on mine," he says laughing as he touches the bright yellow cap on his head. "Good to see you," he tells Opal as he's about to leave, giving her a hug. "God bless you, darling."

"It was a gesture of kindness," Colette said. "Something very simple that gives so much back to others. Small acts of kindness can go a long way."

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