Introducing ‘Neighborly Moments’: A New Way to Highlight Good Deeds on the Neighbors App
Introducing ‘Neighborly Moments’: A New Way to Highlight Good Deeds on the Neighbors App
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Introducing ‘Neighborly Moments’: A New Way to Highlight Good Deeds on the Neighbors App

By Ring on February 11, 2020

A neighborhood is more than just a few homes in the same ZIP code; it’s a community of people brought together from all walks of life. These individuals aren't just friendly faces you wave to everyday––they're often the first you can count on to lend a helping hand when you need it the most, often without expecting to be thanked or rewarded. From cleaning a driveway for a neighbor who is sick to securing a delivered package when another neighbor is away, these acts of kindness happen everyday in communities across the country.

At Ring, we want to make it even easier for you to share those good deeds with your community. That’s why we’re launching “Neighborly Moments," a new posting category in the Neighbors App that lets you highlight these acts of kindness and help your community celebrate them together. We’re excited to make this category available to you, as it's rooted in our mission of making neighborhoods safer.


These Neighborly Moments may seem like small gestures, such as shoveling snow in a neighbor’s driveway, but can actually be a huge help. That’s how it was for Brandon, a dad of a newborn in Westfield, Indiana, after a big snowstorm. He got an alert on his Ring Video Doorbell and saw his neighbor stepping in to help at that crucial time.

"We had just come home with our son, who was born two months premature," he said. "Then we had a fairly big snow, and since it was our first winter in the house, I didn't even have a shovel yet. We were very thankful."


Brandon shared his gratitude with his community on the Neighbors App, as did Tom in Washington, D.C., when his neighbor shoveled his steps without being asked because he knew Tom was sick. Since that first time, Tom said the neighbor has continued to shovel his steps when it snows because Tom travels for work and the neighbor doesn't want his fiance to have to shovel.

"The act of kindness went a long way," Tom said.

When DeAn, in Pueblo, Colorado, realized that her neighbor had shoveled her walk, she was "highly surprised" because she initially thought it was her son. It was only when going back through her Ring video recordings that she realized her neighbor had done a good deed in secret. DeAn has metastatic cancer and wasn't able to shovel the walk herself, which was particularly challenging around the holidays.

"For somebody to shovel my walks is such a benefit for me [and] my mailman," she said. "My neighbors have done nice things for me and since they don't accept gifts, I'll sneak a gift card into their mailbox to let them know I appreciate their greatness."

She also made sure her community had a chance to appreciate that selfless act by sharing it to the Neighbors App.

“Good to know that there are really good people in this world,” said a neighbor in response to the post.

Neighborly Moments don’t have to happen in the snow. In Las Vegas, Janet's trash was inadvertently dumped all over her walkway by the garbage truck, leaving a scattered mess in her front yard. She wasn't there to see it, but her Ring Floodlight Cam caught a kindly neighbor jogging by who saw all of the spilled trash and cleaned it up before continuing on her run.


"It was a very sweet act of her!" Janet said. She posted it on the Neighbors App to let the community know that a good neighbor is helping keep their streets clean.

Steve lives in Meridian, Idaho, but was traveling recently. Even though he canceled the paper and stopped the mail, he said some things continued to be delivered to his house. When a neighbor was walking by, he realized that the house was clearly empty and moved the items out of sight. Steve said it's the second time the same person has stepped in to make sure that his packages aren't stolen.


"It is gratifying to know that there are still people in our neighborhoods like this that care enough to help a fellow neighbor," Steve said. He shared his gratitude with neighbors on the app to let them know that there is a porch angel taking care of their community. Neighbors immediately responded to the kind gesture.

“Thank you for sharing,” said one neighbor while another responded, “there is still good in this world and it’s always good to point it out!”

These are just a few examples of the Neighborly Moments, which can be anything, even something as vital and serious as being alerted to a house fire or a flood and helping one another make it to safety. The new “Neighborly Moments” category will make it even easier for you to share these good deeds and celebrate the kindness of those good Samaritans with your community.

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