Introducing the New Ring Floodlight Cam
Introducing the New Ring Floodlight Cam
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Introducing the New Ring Floodlight Cam

By Nick on January 4, 2017

Our mission to reduce crime in neighborhoods has helped us develop truly innovative products that make our lives more convenient, our homes more secure and our families safer.

It all started with the original Video Doorbell. We took a simple fixture that’s already installed on a majority of homes, and transformed it into a smart security device. Now, the doorbell goes beyond simple notifications. Instead, a Video Doorbell lets you see who’s at your door, speak with visitors and protect your home – all from the comfort of your smartphone.

Today, we’re proud to announce the next big innovation in home security: the Floodlight Cam.

The Evolution of Outdoor Security

Ring Floodlight Cam is the world’s first and only motion-activated HD security camera with built-in floodlights, two-way audio and a siren alarm. Unlike traditional floodlights, which are really only effective when you’re at home to notice the lights turning on, Floodlight Cam is a proactive security solution that lets you prevent and stop crime in its tracks – even when you’re not at home.

Floodlight Cam has a wide-angle lens that captures crystal-clear 1080 HD video, and it has a built-in speaker and microphone, so you can see, hear and speak to anyone on your property from your smartphone, tablet, laptop or computer.

The ultra-bright 3K lumens LEDs turn on as soon as Floodlight Cam detects motion, or you can manually control them with the free Ring App. For additional security, Floodlight Cam also features the loudest speaker on any outdoor security camera, with a built-in 110-decibel siren alarm, so you can alert your neighbors whenever you catch a suspicious stranger in your yard.

Home Security at Your Fingertips

Floodlight Cam also features advanced motion detection. The motion sensors have an ultra-wide 270° field-of-view, which will allow you to detect motion around corners. Its two-tier detection system has both person and object detection, and you can fully customize your motion zones, so you can focus on the most important areas of your yard.

When Floodlight Cam detects motion, you’ll get an instant alert on your smartphone, tablet, laptop and computer. The lights will turn on, and the camera will immediately start recording, and you can watch the activity and speak to people on your property from the Ring App. While you’re watching this live event, you can also use the app to flash the lights, sound the alarm or even share the video with neighbors. It also comes with infrared night vision, so even if you don’t want to turn on the lights, you’ll never be in the dark.

Like all Ring devices, Floodlight Cam comes with a free 30-day trial of Cloud Video Recording. Cloud Video Recording saves every event recorded by your Ring device for up to six months. With Cloud Video Recording, you can save and review your Ring videos at any time, and you can easily share your videos with friends and family via text, email or social media.

Floodlight Cam easily replaces existing wired floodlights, and it connects to any standard junction box for a simple DIY installation. With your purchase, you’ll also get a free tool kit, so you’ll have everything you need to get your Floodlight Cam set up in just minutes.

A Ring of Security Around Your Home

Floodlight Cam is the perfect outdoor security solution for any property. It works great as a standalone security device, or you can connect it to your existing Ring devices to add an extra layer of protection to the Ring of Security around your home.

With Floodlight Cams around the house and a Video Doorbell at your door, you can monitor every corner of your property, and get complete peace of mind for you and your family.

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