How To Keep Your Front Door Secure With Smart Technology
How To Keep Your Front Door Secure With Smart Technology
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How To Keep Your Front Door Secure With Smart Technology

By Nick on January 27, 2016

Did you know that 80% of break ins start at the front door?* This is because many burglars know that traditional security systems are ineffective, allowing them to just walk right in.

Yet many of us still use these outdated security methods and old alarm systems. As we pointed out recently, these alarm systems are ineffective because they don’t prevent crime before it happens. The burglar can still get inside your home, invade your privacy and escape with valuables before the police arrive.

Thankfully, there is newer “smart” technology, that helps prevent crime before it even happens. Videos from Ring customers show that many burglars aware of these devices will flee the scene before attempting to break in through the front door.

As this technology improves and the number of solutions increase, it’s time to understand what’s available, how it works, and why it should be a part of your home security endeavors.

The following are some of the best home security smart devices, how they work, and how they prevent crime before it happens.

Ring Plus

How it Works

The many products below introduce a layer of increased home security. But what’s even better is the ability for those devices to interact. Ring has partnered with several manufacturers to introduce Ring Plus. Download a partner’s app, locate the integration option within the Ring App’s live event screen, select an app, and perform a desired function.

For example, with Ring + Wink, you can create Robots that automate tasks, and turn on lights as the Ring doorbell detects motion.  Using Ring and Kevo, know if guests arrive and have successfully used their access code. Ring and Lockstate products allows users to unlock the front door for a guest when you can’t be there in person.

So keep in mind, as you learn about the items below, they can all integrate with the Ring doorbell, making your home security even better.

Why You Need It

The above front door solutions all work well alone, yet when you combine components, you’re strengthening the level of security.  Why use items in isolation when you can integrate them and make your home smarter and level of security greater?

Connected Cree LED Light Bulb

How It Works

The Connected Cree LED light bulb is under your control from anywhere at anytime.  Automate on/off schedules and customize settings with a tap of a smart device or via voice command.

ring-frontdoor-cree led bulb-1

You’ll need a Wink HUB, which allows for a number of smart devices to function and interact, along with a WiFi connection, and a smart device such as an Android or iPhone.

Why You Need It

Intruders look for easy targets and wait for convenient times to strike. Burglars search for dimly lit or dark front doors.  You can’t always be at home or near the door, but you can dictate when the area is well lit.

Belkin WeMo Insight Switch

How It Works

The Belkin WeMo Insight Switch allows you to control electronics from just about anywhere with a smart device.  Control electronic devices with an on/off switch or customize a schedule.  For example, program your radio or television to turn on and off to mimic home occupancy.

ring-securefrontdoor-belkin switch

Download the free WeMo App and create rules and schedules to manipulate appliances.  Control when lamps, televisions, and radios in order to deter unexpected visitors or possible intruders.

Why You Need It

Burglars are calculating, watching for signs someone is home or listening for occupants.  Running lights, radios, and televisions make it appear someone is home or by the front door.  Alternating light and electronics schedules save energy and fool burglars.

Kevo Smart Lock

How It Works

ring-securefrontdoor-kevo smart

The Kevo smart lock detects when those with granted access are in the vicinity of the door.  Simply tap the lock to open the door.  Issue unlimited ‘guest’ eKeys, which gives friends and family access to the home for a 24 hour period before it automatically expires.  Send a key to kids who need access after school or neighbors who stop by to gather mail and packages while you’re away. Share anytime or scheduled keys.  Preset times that eKeys can be used depending on day and hours.  Track dates and times keys are used, who has access, and their ability to get inside.  Aside from eKeys, locks work with fobs or physical keys.

Why You Need It

Burglars search for hidden keys and visitors or family members misplace their own.  Kevo eliminates the need for physical keys.  The lock detects who has access from their smart device and unlocks with a simple tap.  You’ll never have to worry about intruders finding hidden keys, replacing locks when keys are lost or misplaced, or entrusting younger family members with physical keys.

RemoteLock 6i

How It Works

The Internet-controlled RemoteLock 6i is a perfect solution for a home, rental property, or office.  Control the lock and doorknob remotely.  Know when people unlock and lock your doors and receive text messages when access codes are used.  Issue new codes and delete old ones from your computer or smart device.


Change access codes at will or unlock your door at scheduled times.  As with the Kevo lock, dictate when codes can be used.  The lock automatically disables after five failed attempts, so there is no need to worry about intruders guessing their way into the home.

Why You Need It

Granting keys to young family members and guests creates opportunity for lost keys and security risks.  Moreover, some who rent properties prefer not to give keys to guests.  The remote lock eliminates the need for keys, fobs, or smart device access while homeowners maintain data regarding when codes are used, issued, and deleted.

Ring Video Doorbell

How It Works

‘Answer’ the door from anywhere with the Ring Video Doorbell.  Ring’s HD camera is fitted with Night Vision, which provides a clear view of the front door around the clock.  Motion detection alerts are sent to your phone via the Ring App, alerting you of guests and deliveries.


Why You Need It

You want to keep watch of the front door and communicate with those outside, whether you’re home or away.  With the Ring doorbell, you’re always home and aware of what’s happening at the front door.  Make guests and potential intruders believe you’re home and that you see them.

The Stick Up Cam by Ring

How It Works

The Stick Up Cam is a new product by Ring. It is used in conjunction with the Ring Video Doorbell to provide a full Ring of Security around your entire home. It picks up motion on your property and alerts you on your phone no matter where you are. It’s easy to install, weather resistant and wire-free.

Just like with the Ring Video Doorbell, you have full control over motion detection zone sensitivity. It has two way audio to communicate with visitors and possible intruders from anywhere. All videos can be saved and shared via the cloud video service.


Why You Need It

Despite many break-ins occurring at your front door, burglars will attempt to enter your property and home any way possible. This means through back doors, side windows, basement hatches, and even climbing to second floor windows.

The Stick Up Cam allows you to keep an eye and ear on all activity surrounding your entire home. Monitor arriving guests, when kids get home from school, or those snooping around your property day or night.

IFTTT - If This Then That

How It Works

IFTTT (short for “If This Then That”) is a powerful free tool that allows software or smart objects to “talk” to one another. For example, you could have an IFTTT recipe that automatically saves your Facebook photos to dropbox. In that recipe Facebook is the “trigger”. There are hundreds of pre-made recipes for health, work, shopping and news at - or you can create your own.

With Ring and IFTTT specifically, you can program things to happen automatically to help keep your front door more secure. For example, if someone is at your front door then turn on the music.


There are currently over 30 recipes combining Ring and other home automation devices.

Why You Need It

First off, IFTTT is completely free. So if you have a Ring and at least any other device, you can start using the power of home automation to improve security today. But even more importantly, like Ring Plus, IFTTT takes the technology of normally separate devices and multiplies them together. You can create a true Ring of protection around your front door.

Want to learn more about IFTTT? Stay tuned! We’ll have an in depth article soon on all the ways Ring and IFTTT work together to protect your home.

*Source: FBI, Crime in the United States, 2012 The International Association of Home Inspectors

Creative Commons Image Source: Pixabay

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