Hi there! We’re so excited to introduce a new segment called “Ring Spotlight,” in which one Ring employee will be featured every week on our blog here. We hope that this will open up the channel, provide transparency between our Ring team here at HQ and our valued customers, and mainly show you who’s helping make Ring possible for you! 

Jamel Thomas – Ring Corporate Trainer

He has the Ring 101 down to the nitty-gritty.

Tell us about your role here at Ring.

I’ve been working here since January 23, 2014 – started off in Customer Support and worked my way up to a managerial/supervisory role. And now I’m a Corporate Trainer. A little bit about my current role – I travel nationwide to all of our retail stores like Home Depot and Lowe’s to train the managers on our Ring Doorbell product, who then transfers that information to their own employees. As the Corporate Trainer, I’m the lead in building the training structure so that we can preserve continuity across the board, from within our own HQ to all the retail stores.

Favorite place to hang out in Los Angeles?

The beach – especially Zuma beach at the moment.

Off the clock – what are you doing?

Creative projects like designing websites or editing pictures/film.

What’s one thing about you that many people don’t know about?

I play the Alto Saxophone! And I used to practice Kung fu during my lunch breaks here (when we actually had some downtime – now it’s go go go!).

Of the many, many retail employees you train, any memorable interactions?

I had a call yesterday with Wink Support because I needed assistance with the Wink hub. The support agent who was helping me asked if I worked for Ring after he saw my work email address per our interaction. It turns out that he was at my Ring training session in Schenectady, NY; Since the launch of our Ring integration with Wink this week, I was training the Wink employees on how to support our Ring Doorbell!

Besides the Ring App (of course), what’s your favorite App and why?

Before the iOS9 update, my favorite app was Outlook. I say before because now it seems like everything that has a date, number or anything pertaining to a time stamp is automatically red and attempts to pull into my calendar.

But that aside, SoundCloud is definitely one of my other favorites.