Your Spring Home Maintenance Checklist
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Your Spring Home Maintenance Checklist

By Ring on March 18, 2024

Winter weather is behind us, the sun is here to stay, and you’re ready to start spending your days outdoors. But before you uncover the grill and dust off your patio furniture, your home may need a few sizable repairs to get ready for spring.

Cross these essential tasks off your spring home maintenance checklist to help prepare for the warm, sun-filled months ahead.

Check Your Roof and Clean the Gutters

Heavy snow, ice, and freeze-thaw cycles can take a toll on your roof during winter.1 Before spring storms roll in, perform a visual inspection of your roof to see if repairs are needed. Look for obvious problems like missing shingles, damaged flashing, and bald patches without granules, and call a professional if something doesn’t look quite right.

To prevent water damage to your house this spring, you should also clean and inspect your gutters and downspouts. Removing debris and making sure all connections are tight can help water drain away from your home when the skies open up.

Install Outdoor Lights and Cameras

Whether you’ll be enjoying the beautiful weather at home or traveling the globe, outdoor lighting and cameras can help boost ambiance and peace of mind.

Lining your pathways, steps, and outdoor walls with solar-powered Ring lighting is an energy-efficient way to provide a cozy glow after the sun goes down.2 Extra illumination can also make it easier to get around after dark, so your guests can find their way to your outdoor dinner party. With a Ring Bridge, sold separately, you can customize brightness, turn lights on and off, and choose which lights should turn on if motion is detected.

If you want ultra-bright lighting for large areas and the ability to monitor your home from anywhere, motion-activated outdoor cameras can boost security and visibility. That means you can watch from the living room while your dog plays in his dedicated dig zone or check out the storm rolling through town while you’re on vacation. Floodlight Cams are perfect for large areas like driveways and yards, while Spotlight Cams provide focused illumination for smaller areas, like side yards, patios, and entryways.

Look for Cracks in Concrete and Asphalt

Even the most durable materials, like concrete and asphalt, may come out of winter with a little damage.

When the temperature drops below freezing, the water in your driveways, walkways, and patios freezes and expands, which can cause splitting. As more water fills these cracks during freeze-thaw cycles, the damaged area can get larger, leaving your outdoor spaces with gaps and holes.

If you notice large cracks, sunken spots, or discolored areas, consider calling a professional to assess and repair the damage.

Tune Up Your HVAC System

It’s probably not quite warm enough to fire up your air conditioner — which means it’s the perfect time to check it out, perform repairs, and make sure it’s in working order before a scorching summer.

According to, your unit’s filters can impact efficiency and performance the most. Be sure to clean or replace dirty air filters before the cooling season begins. You should also clean your condenser’s coils if they’re dirty, see if the fins are bent, and check the drains for clogs. Or, hire a professional to perform a tune-up and check that everything is working properly.

If you don’t already have a smart thermostat, consider upgrading during the spring. Your thermostat will automatically adjust to save you energy, which can make a big difference in the summer when your air conditioner runs almost 24/7. You can connect compatible thermostats to the Ring App, so it’s easy to control and manage all of your smart tech from one convenient place.

Clean and Reseal Woodwork

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The wooden structures around your home, like fences, pergolas, and decks should have periodic maintenance to prevent cracking, decay, and mildew.4 Since winter weather can wear down existing finishes, spring days are ideal for resealing — and they often fall in the perfect temperature range recommended by manufacturers.

If your outdoor structures are made of composite materials, follow the manufacturer’s maintenance instructions to keep them in good condition for the summer.

Examine Window Screens and Screen Doors

Ready to finally turn off the furnace and let the fresh air inside? Be sure to inspect and clean your screens first. Winter may have left a few holes in your window screens and screen doors, which provide an entryway for bugs and critters. And dirty screens can limit airflow and light, keeping you from making the most of the beautiful spring weather.

You can fix small holes yourself with a patching kit or, if the damage is extensive, replace the screen altogether. If your screens are in good shape but a little dirty, clean gently with warm water and dish soap or vinegar to let light in.5

Perform Yard Cleanup

Now that your yard is finally free of snow, slush, and ice, it’s probably looking a little worse for wear. But it only takes a few quick steps to get your yard and plants ready for a spring rebirth, according to This Old House:

  • Clean all the dead branches, brown leaves, and other debris from your yard and bushes.
  • Prune dead or damaged branches from trees and shrubs.
  • Get rid of last year’s mulch and clean up around beds and bushes.
  • Cut back flowering plants and bushes to leave room for growth.
  • If you don’t have the greenest thumb or an eye for landscaping, you can hire a local company to perform spring cleanup. Landscaping professionals will know when and how to place grass seed, plant annuals, and help your grass and plants thrive throughout spring and summer.

    Test Sprinklers and Irrigation Systems

    Frost and freezing temperatures can damage your dormant sprinkler and irrigation systems. That’s why recommends checking your systems during springtime and inspecting each zone for proper performance. You should also adjust water levels based on your climate and current needs to ensure you aren’t wasting water.

    If you have a pool, now is the time to prepare your equipment and inspect tile and plaster for winter damage. Or, you can hire an expert to clean, prepare, and open your pool this spring.

    Cross Security Off Your List With Ring

    While you focus on maintaining and cleaning your home this spring, don’t forget about keeping it safe.

    Ring has everything you need to improve your whole-home security, from versatile indoor and outdoor cameras to Ring Alarm. Take a quick quiz today to get customized recommendations for your home — and have a safe and sunny spring!


    2 Batteries not included. Ships to the US and Canada (excluding Quebec). Requires Ring Bridge for smart controls. Sold separately. One Ring Bridge supported per household.

    3 Ships to the US and Canada (excluding Quebec). One Ring Bridge supported per household. Supports approximately 50 Ring Smart Lighting devices, including Motion Sensors (dependent on usage and other factors).



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