Ring Launches Pet Profiles and Contact Me on the Neighbors App
Ring Launches Pet Profiles and Contact Me on the Neighbors App
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Ring Launches Pet Profiles and Contact Me on the Neighbors App

By Ring on February 9, 2022

At Ring, we focus on innovating and inventing on behalf of customers in the spirit of our mission to make neighborhoods safer. Today, the Neighbors App is putting a spotlight on the furry, feathery and scaly members of our community — our pets.

Pets are beloved members of our families and neighborhoods, but every year, over 10 million pets are lost in the U.S. alone. Swift action and community effort are critical in reuniting pets with their loved ones, and neighbors have come to rely on the Neighbors App in these difficult situations. Over 100,000 Lost Pet Posts have been resolved on Neighbors, and we’ve been inspired to see the Neighbors community come together to help find missing pets and bring them back home.

Today we’re introducing Pet Profiles to help Neighbors App users quickly share critical information with their community that can help them reunite with their lost pet. Starting today, you can easily create a Pet Profile that includes recent photos and important details about your pet, like medical needs or familiar commands. If your pet goes missing, you can instantly create a Lost Pet Post with this information with just a few taps and alert your community to be on the lookout for your pet.

A Pet Profile can feature up to five photos as well as identifying information including your pet’s name, species, breed, weight and color. You can also leverage the Other Info section to include additional helpful details about your pet, such as unique markers, health issues, medication or microchip numbers.

Once a Pet Profile is created, the information you included in it can be immediately shared with your community at any time in a Lost Pet Post. You’ll also have the opportunity to provide additional, vital information such as the date and time your pet went missing and where it was last seen.

We are also excited to launch Contact Me, a new feature which lets neighbors contact you directly about your posts. With Contact Me, you no longer need to include your personal phone number in Neighbors posts to get real-time information from your community that can help you reunite with your lost pet or missing loved one. You can easily turn on the opt-in feature on any post you create and choose how you prefer to be contacted — SMS, voice call or both. When you turn on Contact Me and a Neighbors App user clicks Contact Author on your post, a temporary, intermediary phone number is generated so you can communicate without having to share your phone number, similar to other popular food delivery and rideshare apps. This added layer of privacy ensures all users’ personal information is protected. You can turn off Contact Me at any time so when you’re reunited with your pet, or get the information you need, others won’t be able to reach you directly.

We hope these new features can help reunite even more lost pets with their families and continue to bring community members together by sharing helpful information.

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