“With Ring, I Stopped a Break-in on My Phone”
“With Ring, I Stopped a Break-in on My Phone”
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“With Ring, I Stopped a Break-in on My Phone”

By Ring on July 19, 2021

After two years of looking for the perfect house, Rohit, Ina and their pup, Lego, were thrilled to move into their dream neighborhood in Baldwin Hills, California. They had finally found the house they loved. With Rohit traveling for work, the couple decided to install a Ring Alarm Security System, along with a Ring Video Doorbell and Security Cameras to protect their new place. That way, they could see what’s happening at home while they're at work, and Ina could feel safer when Rohit is away.

“We’ve got a view all around our house. We can check in when we're out or even sometimes when we're in,” Rohit explains. “Before going to bed every night, we just set the alarm for [the] Home [Mode] and we can just rest easy knowing that we're safe.”

Little did they know, the system they installed for peace of mind ended up saving their home from a break-in. One day, both Rohit and Ina were at work when Rohit started getting notifications on his Ring App. He received one notification after another, alerting him that someone was moving around his property.

Rohit immediately checked the Live View on his Ring Security Cameras. Because all of the devices were linked on the Ring App, Rohit had a complete picture of what was happening around his home as it unfolded in real time.

“I start to work my way around the house with the cameras. I see that there's two people that are trying to get into my back door,” Rohit recalls. “I'm looking through the camera that's in my living room and I see these two people just trying to break in. So I just [set off] the siren.”


As soon as Rohit set off the siren on his Ring Alarm, the intruders bolted. “I saw them running away and immediately I'm not worried anymore at all,” Rohit says. And because he had enrolled in professional monitoring1 with his Ring Protect subscription, he got a call from the Ring Monitoring Center2 asking him if he wanted the police to respond.

Once the police arrived, Rohit shared the camera footage with them and posted it on the Neighbors App to let other neighbors know what happened. Although they had hoped they would never have to use their Ring Alarm to prevent a break-in, Rohit and Ina are glad it worked when they needed it most.

“It was something you never hoped you had to use, but when we did have to use it, it ended up being really easy, stressless and it just worked,” Rohit says. “[Ring was] the bridge between me and the police, between me and my home. [It was] that central hub that kept it all together.”

Protect Your Home Like Rohit and Ina

A home security system can help keep your home and loved ones safe, like it helped Rohit and Ina stop a break-in.

“I never thought about anything like that happening before. And I'm so glad we were ready,” Ina says.

With a Ring Alarm Security System, you’ll get a notification on the Ring App when a Contact Sensor or a Motion Detector is triggered. In case of an emergency, you can call for help, or our Ring Monitoring Center2 can request assistance for you if you are enrolled in 24/7 professional monitoring with a Ring Protect subscription. Think of it as your own emergency response team.

Ring makes it easy for you to install the home security system yourself. Everything you need is in the box and works in any home. You can also add as many window and door Contact Sensors and Motion Detectors as you need. Plus, like Rohit, you can easily pair it with Ring Video Doorbells and Ring Security Cameras, as well as with Alexa-enabled devices and compatible alarm accessories from leading brands for one complete system.

“The installation was really easy,” Rohit says. “It's affordable, high-quality products. Also, it's connected to my smart home.”

Start Building Your Ring of Security

To get started building your whole-home Ring security system, call the Ring Security Experts for a free consultation at 1-800-800-RING. Or, for help installing your Ring devices, check out our guides or connect with one of our trusted professional installers.

1See Ring Alarm licenses at: ring.com/licenses.

2 Ring does not own its own professional monitoring center, but works with a leader in the industry to provide this service.

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