Touchdown! Score Big With Thursday Night Football Quick Replies
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Touchdown! Score Big With Thursday Night Football Quick Replies

By Ring on September 15, 2022

What does a good offensive tackle and a Ring Video Doorbell have in common? They’re both experts at protecting. So to celebrate “Thursday Night Football” kicking off and exclusively streaming on Prime Video, Ring is offering Thursday Night Football App Alert ToneChime Tone, and Quick Replies for all video doorbells globally during the football season. 

Starting today, you can share your passion for football with your visitors — even when you can’t greet them in person. Whether you’re busy cheering for your team, doing a touchdown dance, or are out getting supplies for the big tailgate, you can surprise your visitors with prerecorded football responses to get them in the game-day spirit, like: 

When you need to wait to see if the kick is good before answering the door:

When you’re out cheering in the stands:

And you won’t need a playbook to set them up. It’s easy to add Quick Replies to your Ring Video Doorbell with a few taps in your Ring App from anywhere. Then, when a fellow football fan stops by and presses the doorbell, they’ll hear your selected response and can leave a message with your doorbell. It’s like voicemail for your door. You can watch it live, or if you are a Ring Protect subscriber (and don’t want to risk missing a touchdown), you can play back the video later — and share their reaction with your fantasy league.

And remember, you can change the settings any time on your Ring App and even manually play any Quick Reply from Live View if you want to switch things up on the fly. 

So set up your Quick Replies and get your snacks ready to tune in for "Thursday Night Football" at 7 p.m. ET each week (except Turkey Day) on Prime Video, the exclusive streaming home for 15 games! And while your fandom might be forever, these features aren’t. So be sure you get in on the action before they head to the locker room and retire on December 26th.*

*OK, that makes it sound more dramatic than it is. All that happens is that on December 26th, your Quick Replies and audio tones will automatically switch back to the default messages and sounds.

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