Introducing Ring Chime
Introducing Ring Chime
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Introducing Ring Chime

By Yassi Shahmiri on May 12, 2015

At Ring, we've revolutionized the way homeowners interact with their front door and yard; now, we’ve brought that same streamlined connected experience inside the home thanks to the Ring Chime. Ring Chime is the first-ever Wi-Fi enabled doorbell speaker. Together, Ring Chime and the Ring Video Doorbell provide a comprehensive solution for all homeowners.

The Ring Chime follows the same simple setup process as the Ring Doorbell and is controlled through the Ring iOS/Android app. Once installed, the Ring Chime sounds within the home every time the Ring Doorbell is pressed. Users can set up an infinite amount of chimes throughout their homes to ensure they receive instant audio notice, in addition to mobile alerts, when they have a visitor. The smart chime gives customers the ability to adjust the volume of the speaker and even set the device to ‘do not disturb.' Plug a Ring Chime into any outlet in the house, whether it's the garage or backyard. Now, you can ensure you never miss a ding

Click here to learn more about Chime. Don't forget to sign up to be alerted once pre-order has begun. You won't want to miss the limited time low price.

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