Stick Up Cam: Creating a Ring of Security Around Your Home
Stick Up Cam: Creating a Ring of Security Around Your Home
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Stick Up Cam: Creating a Ring of Security Around Your Home

By Nick on January 5, 2016

When we first opened the doors to Ring’s LA headquarters in 2014, we had one mission in mind: to reduce crime in communities. Our first step towards that goal was to create a ring of security around your front door with the Ring Video Doorbell. Since then, our customers told us time and time again that Ring has been a dependable second set of eyes and ears to deter would-be thieves from entering their homes, and we estimate that our doorbells on average have prevented one crime a day.

While we’re happy to hear that we’ve played a small part in helping keep our community members safe, we’re always committed to launching new products and features in order to stay multiple steps ahead of those who want to threaten homeowners. As a result of this commitment, we’re proud to announce that we’re launching phase two of our original mission and extending a Ring of Security around your entire home with the Stick Up Cam.

After seeing how effective the Ring Video Doorbell was at deterring crime, the number one request from our homeowners was to create additional cameras that extended protection from beyond the front door while keeping the same “Always Home” approach. While Stick Up Cam is the second product Ring has ever released, the real reason why this launch marks a significant milestone in our company’s history is because it’s the first time we’ve collaborated with our users in developing something new.

We incorporated multiple suggestions from our users early on and designed Stick Up Cam to seamlessly supplement the Ring Video Doorbell while still leveraging the same patented, cutting-edge technology. For example, you can still talk to your unexpected “visitors” through our mobile app when the motion detection alert is triggered. In addition, the cam is easy to install, wireless, and waterproof, which means you can mount it virtually anywhere–including your side doors, windows, roof, and even chimney. Stick Up Cam’s HD Night Vision and cloud video recording features ensure that you can monitor your property, no matter where you are.

We couldn’t have designed Stick Up Cam without help from our community members. For 2016 and beyond, we’re excited to continue working with you and give you more reasons to have peace of mind when you say “home, sweet #AlwaysHome.”

To learn more about Stick Up Cam, including information about where to purchase it, please visit the Ring website.

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