What Game Day at Home Looked Like For Ring Neighbors
What Game Day at Home Looked Like For Ring Neighbors
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What Game Day at Home Looked Like For Ring Neighbors

By Ring on February 5, 2019

Whether your team won or lost, or you just showed up for some satisfying snacks, chances are you were celebrating Game Day this past Sunday.

All over the nation, fans showed up with hope and high spirits. We asked our Ring Neighbors on Instagram if they were hosting a viewing party or attending one, and 55% were happy to be guests who attended with extra chips and dip in tow.

Overall, activity in Ring Video Doorbells spiked 23% compared to an average Sunday.

Fans got an early start, with a steady stream of doorbell activity starting around 11am PST and lasting through the start of the game. We see the highest activity, with just under 6 million dings, right before kick off at 3:30pm!

Fans were cozied up, tuned in and grubbing on goods throughout the end of the game. All the pizza had arrived and guests were glued to the tv screens to see if either team would score the winning touchdown in the fourth quarter. The second spike of the day tells us that as the final seconds on the clock counted down and the winning team began to celebrate, most partygoers packed up and headed out.

We love seeing all the action captured by your Ring Video Doorbells and Security Cams. So if you have a fun Game Day video that you want to share with us, send it to submissions@ring.com!

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