These Clever Dogs Have Learned How to Use Ring Video Doorbells
These Clever Dogs Have Learned How to Use Ring Video Doorbells
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These Clever Dogs Have Learned How to Use Ring Video Doorbells

By Ring on February 21, 2020

Some dogs play fetch, some perform tricks, and these pooches have figured out how to use their owners’ Ring Video Doorbells. In neighborhoods across the country, pups are taking doorbell matters into their own paws and pet parents are discovering a new way their Ring Video Doorbells help keep their furballs safe.

Like Lucy, the two-and-a-half year old rescue from Harrisburg, North Carolina, whose owner Brandon described her as “part Lab, part Black Mouth Cur, and part human.” This adventurous dog “routinely let[s] herself out when she want[s] to use the bathroom,” presenting an obvious challenge for both Lucy and her owners: once she is outside, how would she get back in to safety?

That question was answered one day when Brandon’s wife received a Chime Alert from her Ring Video Doorbell. She opened the front door to find Lucy patiently waiting by herself. Thinking someone was playing a trick, she quickly checked the video from the device, only to discover it was her dog’s newest trick: she had jumped up to activate the Ring Video Doorbell with her nose and paws.


“The video took my wife from a state of concern to a state of relief and amusement,” said Brandon. “It actually came in pretty handy, so we embraced it. She is the smartest and most resourceful dog we’ve ever had!”

Lucy isn’t the only clever canine who used a video doorbell to communicate to her humans. Charlotte, a six month old Golden Retriever from Quarryville, Pennsylvania proves that she’s one smart puppy. One day after lounging on the grass, she scurried over to the door and pressed the Ring Video Doorbell button, then looked straight into the camera, as if to say, “I’m here!”


“We have four children and we all laughed and watched it over and over again,” says Charlotte’s dog-dad Nick, adding that while this may be the first time she’s been caught, it certainly hasn’t been the first time she has done this. Finally, Ring Video Doorbell put an end to the mystery!

Apparently, this trend is becoming pup-ular with more and more dogs. In Buda, Texas, two-year-old Lola and her best friends, Leo and Chewy, also needed a way to get back home after enjoying some playtime in the front yard during the day and discovered that their pet parents got a Ring Video Doorbell.


“We initially got Ring to monitor our home and it has made us feel a lot safer,” said Lola’s owner, Jordan. “Because of how funny the videos of our dogs came out, we ended up getting two more for the other doors on our home.”

Jordan’s mind is also at ease knowing that his Ring devices help him to keep an eye on his pets even when he can’t be there. He lives on a large property, so he doesn’t “have to worry about their safety as much. [They] can stay outside when we aren’t home.”

Curious if your dog can learn how to use a Ring Video Doorbell like Lucy, Charlotte and Lola did? You can get one here. And even if it’ll take your pup a while to figure it out, while they’re at it, you’ll have the peace of mind that your home and family members (including the furry ones) are safe with Ring.

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