From Kind Neighbors to Goofy Pets, See What Made Our Naughty and Nice Lists This Year
From Kind Neighbors to Goofy Pets, See What Made Our Naughty and Nice Lists This Year
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From Kind Neighbors to Goofy Pets, See What Made Our Naughty and Nice Lists This Year

By Ring on December 18, 2020

As the year winds down and we are caught up in the festive frenzy of the holidays, it’s the best time to reflect on all of the kind, sweet and fun moments of 2020. Whether it’s a neighbor who gives a helping hand, a goofy pet that makes you laugh or an act of kindness that makes you cry — those moments happen every day. A lot of them happen unexpectedly, and thankfully Ring Video Doorbells and Security Cameras are there to save the happy memories. Here are a few of the favorites you’ve shared with us that made our lists.

The Naughty List: Goofy Dogs, Clever Bear and a Bouncing Bounce House, Oh My!

Thor vs. Diesel: An Epic Battle of Puppy Proportions

Thor and Diesel sound like wrestling heroes, but they’re actually a 4-year-old yellow Lab and a 3-year-old Australian Cattle mix who love to rough-and-tumble — and one of their tussles ended with a wrestling-ring-style crash of furniture.


Their owner Chelsey was in the kitchen cleaning up: “I walked by and I see the couch flipped and I'm like, ‘What happened here?’” The Ring Indoor Cam caught them red-pawed. “It made sense why all of a sudden at the end Diesel comes in looking at me like, ‘Mom!’” Chelsey says.

A Beary Surprising Truck Break-In

It isn’t only pets who showed off their tricks this year. One morning Dennis looked out to his driveway and noticed the door on his truck wasn’t shut. “Did I leave the truck open all night?” he wondered., he did not. Dennis checked his Ring video recordings and found a curious, persistent bear had paid him a visit.


Standing on two legs, the uninvited guest had yanked on the front and rear doors of Dennis’ car with no luck. Undaunted, it turned to the truck: Success! “Thank God, there was no damage,” Dennis said.

Bounce House Bounces Up, Up and Away

Mike had his own guests one afternoon: a bunch of kids who came for a birthday party. They all went inside for cake when a sudden storm blew in — and that’s when the colorful bounce house Mike had rented for the party began to shake and jiggle. “It was anchored down with big metal stakes, but [the wind] pulled it right out of the ground and flipped it over,” Mike says.


The bounce house didn’t get too far, though: it just hopped a couple yards down and popped from all of the hopping. The rental company came and helped Mike clean up the mess. “First time it ever happened to them in all their years of doing it!” Mike says.

The Nice List: Putting Out Fires (Literally) and Making a Birthday Girl’s Day

Fire Sparks a Neighbor Into Action

Gabriel was driving in his neighborhood shortly before midnight when he saw something alarming: a fire had started at his neighbor Brandon’s front door. Gabriel immediately sprung into action. Brandon wasn’t there, but he received an alert on his Ring App and was able to watch Gabriel save his house live on his phone.


“If Gabriel, with his quick actions, didn't put that fire out I would've come home to a house burned to the ground,” Brandon says of his brand-new home, which he’d moved into just a year earlier. “Everything my wife and I worked hard for would have been gone, destroyed.”

When Honking for the Birthday Girl Just Isn’t Enough

Eejipt and her son, Jaelan, were also driving down the street when the opportunity to brighten someone’s day presented itself — and they just couldn’t pass it up. They were on the way to the grocery store when they saw a sign saying, “Honk for the birthday girl!” Instead of just honking, the pair bought a card and a box of candy and delivered it to her door.


There’s a million ways to be a good neighbor, and this is how Eejipt showed Jaelan one of them. “It's important to talk about kindness — your acts go a long way, and I just want to instill in him what that means,” Eejipt says. “Instilling an attitude of gratitude inspired us to put it into action.”

Special Delivery

Gratitude was what John wanted to show his mail carrier Jannette for her hard work after he had seen her deliver a heavy package from her mail truck to his doorstep. He talked with his daughter about how they could show their appreciation, so she wrote a thank-you letter to Jannette and left it in the mailbox.


“It touched all of us that a simple act of kindness would go a long way,” says John. “It's always good to be kind to people. Just say thank you — no matter how small [the action], just appreciate what those essential workers do.”

Share The Joy With Others

We all have those happy memories and the more we share them with each other, the more joy we have in our lives. Think of those heartwarming moments that made you smile this year and share them with others to brighten their day.

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