It’s Time for Spring Cleaning. Give Your Home Security a Checkup, Too
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It’s Time for Spring Cleaning. Give Your Home Security a Checkup, Too

By Ring on April 28, 2021

Chirping birds and blooming flowers are signs that spring has arrived, which also means so has spring cleaning. But a spring refresh for your home isn’t just about cleaning the windows. It’s also a great time to declutter, reorganize and make your home more functional and safe. From redecorating your office to updating your home security, refreshing your home can bring you more peace of mind.

To get some inspiration, we've engaged HGTV Extreme Makeover: Home Edition star, interior designer and lifestyle expert Breegan Jane, who shared her tips for rejuvenating your home and making the most of your space this spring.

Bring the Outdoors In

Nothing says spring like the beautiful colors that come with blossoming flowers and trees. While you might be looking forward to spending more time outside, it’s also a great time to incorporate the spring vibe inside your home. Breegan recommends adding a floral twist to a room with artwork and easily swappable textiles like pillows and throws. “I love combining artificial and live plants with pops of color to create an at-home oasis,” she adds.

And when you are spending time indoors, you can still keep an eye on your outdoor areas with a Ring Security Camera. Get the latest Ring Floodlight Cam Wired Pro and you can see your backyard or driveway from anywhere—and receive real-time notifications when motion is detected around your home.

Give Your Home Office a Makeover

With working from home becoming more common, now is a great time to revitalize your workspace. “Since you spend a good portion of your day working, it’s important to make sure it feels like a calm space that encourages productivity,” Breegan says.

She also likes adding luxe touches to a workspace—think chandelier and artwork—as well as cozy elements like a rug or candle. Don’t have a clearly defined home office space? Get creative with a spring DIY project and build it in your garage or a small, unused closet.

And while you’re working, the fewer distractions you get, the better. Make answering the door even easier by installing a Ring Video Doorbell. Breegan loves that she can see when packages arrive, and hear and talk to visitors from anywhere.


No matter what type of home you have, there’s a doorbell camera that fits your lifestyle. Compare all the Ring Video Doorbells to find the one that’s right for you. And if you need more help choosing the right Ring device for your home, you can Ask Ring by calling 1-800-800-RING for a free consultation with a Ring Security Expert.

Redecorate from Within

Creating a unique look and cozy feeling is easier than you might think, even on a budget. One way Breegan does this is through a gallery wall of her kids’ artwork. By choosing a variety of frames, you can not only freshen the look of your home, but also give it a sentimental and personal touch.

“Design doesn’t have to be expensive or out of reach,” Breegan says. “I recommend my clients look within the walls of their homes for elements that bring them joy.”

You can also give your front door a quick spring update with an easily interchangeable faceplate for your compatible Ring Video Doorbell. Choose from 16 different colors to go with the aesthetic of your home or provide a pop of spring color.

Declutter Your Mind and Home

Spring is a great time to reassess how we can be more efficient throughout the day. With busy schedules and to-do lists scattered around the house, keeping your mind and home organized can be tricky. Take a few things off your list by letting Alexa help you manage your home.

“I didn’t realize how much time I was spending on tasks that I could have streamlined years ago with smart home technology,” Breegan explains. “With the new Echo Show 10, I started making virtual lists for every aspect of my life, like my shopping list (including design project purchases), so I can declutter the random scraps of paper where my to-do list used to live."

To make your home more helpful, try adding Ring Smart Lighting. With the A19 Smart LED Bulb, you can turn your lights on and off or put them on a schedule, all from the Ring App, so you won't need to go upstairs looking for that switch. The bulb works with compatible sockets in table lamps, floor lamps, sconces and even some outdoor fixtures.

You can also use the Dusk to Dawn feature on your Ring Solar Pathlights to keep your lights dimly lit at night and switch to your preferred brightness when motion is detected. And with Alexa, can control your smart lights with just the sound of your voice.

Check Up on Your Home Security

So you can spend less time worrying and more time enjoying your home, look for ways to update your security. “The safety of my kids is always the most important thing in my life. Whether we’re home or away, it’s important for myself, and any parent, to have peace of mind and feel like they have eyes in the back of their head,” Breegan says.

An easy way to do this is by getting a Ring Alarm Security System. Everything you need is in the box and works in any home, so it’s easy to install yourself. And with a Ring Protect subscription and optional 24/7 professional monitoring, you’ll have an extra layer of support

“As a working mom, there’s a lot going on at all times and spring is a great season for reassessing where I can find efficiencies,” Breegan says.

ike Breegan, we can all find ways to make our lives simpler and our homes more functional and safer as we start fresh this spring. As you get going, check out the latest home security deals and promotions from Ring.

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