Prepare for Warmer Weather With These Spring Cleaning Tips
Prepare for Warmer Weather With These Spring Cleaning Tips
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Prepare for Warmer Weather With These Spring Cleaning Tips

By Ring on April 28, 2023

Now that spring is finally here, it’s time to pack up the heavy blankets, come out from hibernation, and smell the freshly bloomed flowers. But even though you’re ready to embrace spring, your home may need some extra help to freshen up for the new season.

With these simple spring cleaning tips, you can get rid of those pesky dust bunnies — so the only bunnies in your life will be the ones hopping across your yard.

Give Your Home a Good Deep Cleaning

If you hunkered down this winter, there’s a good chance you’re a bit behind on housework. But now that the warm weather and shining sun have given you a burst of energy, it’s the perfect time to get rid of the built-up dust and grime around your home. Take these steps to tackle the big areas in your home first:

  • In the bathrooms: Pull everything out from underneath the sink and wipe it down. If you notice any leaks, be sure to get them fixed to prevent future mold and mildew, and consider adding a Flood & Freeze Sensor to detect future leaks as soon as they happen. Take the opportunity to get rid of old and expired products — like that almost-empty bottle of moisturizer hidden in the back of the vanity.
  • In the kitchen: Empty your drawers and cabinets so you can wipe them down. Get rid of any gadgets you may have accumulated over the years but never use, and don’t forget to declutter the pantry and fridge, too.
  • In the bedrooms: Wipe off ceiling fans and vents, which are magnets for dust and hair. Move dressers, desks, and bookcases to clean underneath them — and maybe unearth a few trinkets you thought you’d lost. Now is also a good time to rotate your mattress to prevent wear.
  • In the living room: Vacuum or sweep under couches, coffee tables, and end tables, and dust off the blades on any window or ceiling fans.
  • In every room: Wipe down windows and sliding glass doors so the spring sun can shine through.
  • Let the Fresh Air in

    If the windows have been tightly closed all winter, it’s time to crack them open and let the spring air in. Opening windows is usually enough to get the air circulating, but if it’s not, turn on a few fans. While you breathe in the fresh air and enjoy the cool breeze, you’ll also be eliminating germs, stale air, and dust. Plus, you can turn off the heat or air conditioning to give your systems a break — and as an added bonus, you may notice a drop in your energy bill.

    With a Ring Alarm, you can place Contact Sensors on your windows, which trigger the alarm when the window is opened. And with an Open Window Magnet, you can still feel safe with your windows open. These magnets allow you to keep your system armed while you let in the fresh spring breeze.

    Replace Your Filters

    Air purifiers are great for removing dust and allergens from the air in your home, but they require a little upkeep to stay efficient. For best results, manufacturers recommend changing the filter every three to six months. If you suffer from allergies or chronic conditions, you may want to change the filter even more often, perhaps every month or two.

    It’s also a good idea to change your furnace filter frequently — around every three months or sooner if you notice a drop in air quality.


    The idea of decluttering your entire home can feel overwhelming, but if you take things one room at a time, you’ll be done in no time. A few hours (or even 30 minutes) of decluttering each day can make a big impact over time.

    If you’ve noticed that your bedrooms and play areas are getting cramped, it’s time to get rid of the things you don’t need. Those old toys your kids haven’t touched in years can find a better home, and you can free up space for the new things you’ve been eyeing.

    Get Organized

    Once you’ve cleared out all the clutter, it’s time to organize the essentials you decided to keep. If you have kids, turn organizing into a game of sorting and putting away books and toys. While they’re happy and entertained, you can breathe a sigh of relief knowing all the rogue Legos are safely accounted for — at least for the next few days.

    Now that the days are warmer, take some time to pack up your winter clothes. There’s no need to dig through bulky sweaters when you’re getting ready for an outdoor spring brunch. Consider packing up your cold-weather clothes in a bin and placing them in storage until autumn.

    While you’re getting your home ready for spring, don’t forget about your garage, shed, and any other outdoor storage spaces. You can finally move that heavy snow shovel and bag of salt to the back of the garage and unpack your gardening gloves, shovels, and potting soil.

    Check and Change Batteries

    One of the most important tasks in the home also tends to be the most forgotten: changing the batteries in smoke and carbon monoxide detectors. But if you make it part of your spring cleaning routine, you’ll have a fresh set of batteries at least once a year.

    If you have a Ring Alarm home security system, you can check the battery levels of your Contact Sensors, Motion Detectors, Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Listeners, and other accessories in the Ring App. Consider proactively changing the batteries if the level is low, so you won’t have to deal with dead devices in the future.

    Protecting your home and family from fire requires more than a few new batteries in your smoke detectors. Want to learn more about fire safety?
    Read Our Guide

    Tackle Your Spring Landscaping

    Preparing for spring requires more than a deep clean inside the home — you also need to clean up your landscaping. Spend some time picking up the debris and leaves scattered across your lawn, pruning any dead branches on your trees and bushes, and putting down mulch. Once everything is cleared, plant your favorite annuals or veggies, so you have fresh tomatoes and herbs for your summer salads.

    If you decide to do a landscaping overhaul this year, make sure those new bushes don’t block your security cameras. And if you really want to spruce up your outdoor space, consider adding some Pathlights and Steplights to illuminate walkways at night.

    Now that your home is ready for spring inside and out, you can focus on improving your home’s security for the warmer months ahead. Whether you’ll be heading out on your dream vacation or working on some long-awaited renovations, Ring can help you keep track of what’s going on at home — and even in your car. Check out our products to learn more.

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