8 Best Gifts for Pet Lovers (and Their Furry Companions)
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8 Best Gifts for Pet Lovers (and Their Furry Companions)

By Ring on December 20, 2023

From proud dog dads to self-proclaimed cat ladies, you probably know several people who would do anything for their furry friends. When it comes time to celebrate their favorite holiday or their very good boy’s birthday, you can’t go wrong with a thoughtful gift that doubles as a treat for them and their pet.

Here are some of the best gadgets, personalized presents, and pet-friendly goodies for any occasion.

1. Pet Tag

No matter how much a pet loves their home, they often can’t resist sneaking out on an adventure. If a devious dog or cat seizes their moment and bolts, a Ring Pet Tag can help make it easier for their owner to bring them back home.

Pet Tag slips onto any collar and provides a simple way to reunite lost pets with their owners. After a pet parent fills out a Pet Profile on the Ring App and links it to Pet Tag, anyone can scan the engraved QR code to access information. Owners will receive a real-time notification that their pet has been found, and the rescuer can anonymously contact them to arrange a reunion. Since Pet Tag doesn’t require batteries or subscription fees, it’s a convenient gift for any pet parent that can come in handy when it matters most.

2. Custom Pet Portrait

Pets are part of the family, so they deserve their own space on the wall next to wedding photos, school portraits, and other family milestones. As long as you have a picture handy, you can gift pet lovers a museum-worthy portrait of their fur baby (or babies) they’ll be eager to hang. And if the owners have a sense of humor, you can even turn their pets into royalty — so everyone knows who’s really number one in the house.

3. Indoor Cam

If the pet lovers in your life spend their time away from home missing their furry friends, an Indoor Cam is the perfect gift to help them stay connected. As long as there’s an outlet nearby, they can put Indoor Cam anywhere their pet likes to hang out, like next to the food bowl or in front of their pet bed. From the Ring App, they can check in on their pet via Live View to see what they’re up to and use Two-Way Talk to say hello (or practice their best “meow”).

With a Ring Protect subscription, sold separately, owners can also look back at past footage of what their pet did that day (and up to 180 days ago) — and they might even find something spectacular worth saving, like this hermit crab moving shells.

4. Stick Up Cam With Pan-Tilt

For owners whose pets just can’t stand still, a Stick Up Cam with Pan-Tilt can help them keep up with all the activity at home. The Pan-Tilt Mount allows pet lovers to remotely swivel the camera up and down and side to side, so they can find their puppy curled up in the corner or their cat hanging out on top of the refrigerator.

Since Stick Up Cams are waterproof, pet owners can use them to scan the areas inside and outside their homes. From ferrets slinking around in tunnels indoors to energetic puppies chasing each other in the backyard, Stick Up Cam with Pan Tilt can follow all the action — wherever it may be.

5. Subscription Box

If you want to help spoil your favorite cat or dog long beyond the occasion you’re celebrating, subscription boxes are a gift that keeps on giving for as long as you choose. There are plenty of options for any pet, from toy-centric to treat-filled boxes (and a mix of both). You may even help your pet-loving friend discover their dog’s new favorite treat or a toy their cat can’t stop chasing.

6. Pet-Themed Mug

Want to help put a smile on a pet owner’s face as they enjoy their morning coffee or tea? Pick up a pet-themed mug, which is both a practical and personal gift for anyone who loves their furry friend. Along with a caffeine pick-me-up, they’ll get to see their favorite animal’s adorable face, a funny saying about their role as a pet parent, or cute pet-themed artwork or patterns, depending on what you choose.

7. Automatic Feeder

If your pet-loving friends have ever had feeding mishaps, an automatic feeder can help them dispense the right amount of food without lifting a finger. No more wondering if their sneaky pet is trying to get an extra serving — the automatic feeder will dispense servings at set intervals as long as the pet owner refills it and charges the battery regularly. And if they’re out of town frequently, they’ll know their pets are getting the appropriate amount of food during mealtime, even if the sitter only comes once a day.

For tech-savvy pet owners, you can even get a wifi-enabled automatic feeder, allowing them to set schedules and check the feeding history from their phones. Plus, many models send notifications when there’s an issue, so pet parents know when to replace the battery or add more food.

8. Spotlight Cam

Whether your friend has animals who live exclusively outside or indoor pets who frequently spend time in the yard, a Spotlight Cam can help them monitor their furry or feathered friends. Pet owners can get a real-time view from the Ring App at any time to see what their pet is up to. At night, Spotlight Cam shines a bright light when motion is detected, which can also help create a brighter and safer environment for dogs needing a bathroom break.

With customizable motion zones, animal owners can have Spotlight Cam send them notifications when activity is detected outside of their animal’s cage or pen, so they can help spot potential breakouts. And if their pets are obedient, they can even use Two-Way Talk to try and thwart the escape attempt, like this chicken owner who got her birds to go back to their coop.

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