Knock Out Your Holiday Shopping With These Home Security Gifts That Keep on Giving
Knock Out Your Holiday Shopping With These Home Security Gifts That Keep on Giving
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Knock Out Your Holiday Shopping With These Home Security Gifts That Keep on Giving

By Ring on December 9, 2022

We all have those people in our lives who are impossible to shop for — which makes the holiday season a whole lot more complicated. And if you want to get all the loved ones on your nice list something really special this year, another gift card or kitchen gadget just won’t cut it.

Luckily, you can’t go wrong with the gift of peace of mind — and like a “Jelly of the Month Club” membership, these home security gifts will keep on giving well after the holiday season ends. Here are some ideas to help make your holiday shopping a walk in the park (or a stroll through a snowy winter wonderland).

Security Gift Ideas for Anyone on Your List

These home security gifts will help anyone feel safe and secure wherever they call home.

Ring Alarm Security Kit

Your loved ones worked hard to turn their spaces into a sanctuary where they can relax, unwind, and get away from the outside world. And with the addition of a Ring Alarm Security Kit, they can know that everything’s secure at home, whether they’re in the kitchen whipping up a batch of cookies or across town running errands.

After adding a few Contact Sensors to their windows and doors, mounting their Motion Detector, plugging in the Base Station, and connecting everything to the Ring App, the people on your gift list will be set. They’ll be able to check in on notifications from many locations, set different Alarm Modes, and even get some add-ons like enrolling in Ring Alarm Professional Monitoring with a Ring Protect Pro subscription or a Flood & Freeze Sensor.

Video Doorbell

With a Ring Video Doorbell, your loved ones will always know when someone’s at the door, so they can run downstairs to pick up that special delivery or check in on their phone to see who made an unexpected visit. Plus, they can even spread a little extra joy to the most important people in their lives, from saying hi to the kids when they get home from their first day back after winter break to playing helpful messages for visitors when they can’t get to the door.

Gifts for the Homeowners Who Need to Simplify Their Routine

If you have a friend or family member who’s always scrambling to make it to school pick-up, whip up dinner, grab groceries, or put their little one down for a nap, you can help take a few things off their to-do list. With these smart home upgrades, they won’t have to worry about flipping switches or fumbling for keys:

  • Smart locks: If they leave their keys at home on accident, the busy bees in your life won’t have any issue getting inside back. They can click a button on their phone — or even use voice commands to unlock the door hands-free.
  • Smart thermostats: If your globe-trotting friend forgets to adjust the thermostat while running late to get to the airport, they can do it from their phone during the ride there. And if they want the AC or heat to turn on before the house-sitter arrives, they can set automations.
  • Smart light bulbs: Once all the kids are bathed and down for bed, your sister and brother-in-law won’t have to walk around the house and turn off all the lights before they get comfy on the couch. Instead, they can grab a snack and a fuzzy blanket and dim the lights on their phone for movie night.
  • Safety Gifts for the Night Owls in Your Life

    If you know a night owl who never seems to come home until after the sun goes down, you can help brighten their night with outdoor lighting.

    Pathlights and Steplights can create a clear, well-lit path to the door when they arrive home after ringing in the New Year or watching their favorite hockey team beat its rival. And with a Ring Bridge, they’ll be able to set automations and control the lights with their Ring App, so they never have to arrive at a dark house.

    The Best Safety Gifts for Pet Parents

    Fluffy the tabby cat and Milo the husky mean the world to your friend — and they’ll do anything to see that their fur babies are happy and safe. You can help by gifting your friend a security camera or two this holiday season.

    If your friend gets separation anxiety from their pet when they’re at the office, an Indoor Cam can let them check in on their phone. They’ll be able to see Fluffy curled up on her cat tower and even say hi using Two-Way Talk. Or, if they need to make sure Milo doesn’t sneak under the fence when he gets tired of chasing toys in the backyard, they can check in on his play session with a Stick Up Cam.

    Security Stocking Stuffer Ideas

    If you need some last-minute ideas to put the finishing touches on your gifts, we have a few easy and affordable home security gifts to slip into your family’s stockings:

  • Fun Faceplates: If your loved one already has a Ring Doorbell (or you have one all wrapped up with a bow on top), you can help them show off their personality with an interchangeable Faceplate. Whether they like to gild their gadgets in rose gold or show off their love for spooky season, you can find an option for anyone. (Just make sure you know which doorbell they have.)
  • Chime: If your busy friend tends to set their phone down in the kitchen and head upstairs to put their laundry away, they won’t be able to see the notification from their Ring Doorbell that someone’s at the door. But if you gift them a Chime for the upstairs hallway, they’ll always be in the know — and they can even set a festive carol or barking dog as their notification sound.
  • Outdoor Contact Sensors: Whether someone on your list already has a Ring Alarm or you’re looking for the perfect addition to their main gift, an Outdoor Contact Sensor can help them bring home security outside. If someone opens the back gate when Fido’s running around and the system is armed, they’ll get a notification, so they can keep their furry friend from going on an adventure around town.
  • Spotlights: No one likes heading to their car or letting the dog out when it’s pitch black outside — and with a Spotlight, they won’t have to. These battery-powered lights automatically turn on when motion is detected, so no one’s left in the dark. Plus, your loved one can connect them to the Ring App via their Bridge to control and automate their outdoor lights.
  • Now that you can cross most of the people off your list in one fell swoop with Ring, it’s time to get shopping! We hope you have a joyful holiday season.

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