The Best Ring Home Security Products for Pet Lovers
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The Best Ring Home Security Products for Pet Lovers

By Ring on May 22, 2023

Your furry friends are an extension of your family — and just like your human loved ones, they always keep you on your toes. Whether you have a kitten or a big, fluffy dog, they always seem to get their sneakiest ideas when you’re not home. That’s why Ring offers security products that help protect your pets and keep you connected during National Pet Month and all year round.

Indoor Security Cameras

One of the best parts of the day is when you arrive home to your favorite pup who can’t wait to greet their favorite human. But if you don’t want to wait eight hours to see how your pet is doing or to peek in on the mischief they might have caused, an indoor security camera can help keep you connected all day long.

Whether you put a Ring Indoor Cam in the living room, a Stick-Up Cam by the food bowl, or a camera in every common area, you can check in throughout the day on the Ring App to see how your pet is doing. Live View gives you a real-time look at your pet’s potential shenanigans, and Two-Way Talk allows you to speak to them. You can watch your dog’s face light up when you call their name or tell them to get off the kitchen tablebut we can’t guarantee they’ll listen.

If you enroll in a Ring Protect subscription, you can also look through old footage you missed from the day. You might uncover recordings of your pet doing something adorable or sneaky, like getting the zoomies on your new rug or digging through the trash. From the App, you can download clips from the past 180 days and share the cuteness overload with your family and friends. And if you send a video to the Ring team, your pet may even get featured on our YouTube channel.

Outdoor Security Cameras

The backyard is where your doggo can release some pent-up energy and play with all his favorite toys. And if you let your guard down for a few minutes, he may also do a cannonball into the pool or use your barbecue supplies as a toy.

With our Outdoor Security Cameras, Live View allows you to watch your excited pup while you’re taking care of things inside, and a Ring Protect subscription enables you to save your favorite footage from the past 180 days.

If your pet is a talented escape artist, you may be able to catch them on Live View and tell them to go back inside. You can also look through footage to see when they left, share that information with your community using the Neighbors App, and begin your search.

Ring Alarm

Security cameras provide an easy way to see what your pet is up to, but you might not always catch them slipping out the back door. Ring Alarm can provide an extra layer of security when your pet goes somewhere they’re not supposed to.

If your sly cat manages to open an exterior door or push open a window you forgot to lock, your Contact Sensors will get triggered if your Alarm is armed in Away or Home mode. With a Ring Protect Pro subscription, sold separately, you’ll get a notification from your Ring App, allowing you to check your security camera footage or call a neighbor to help. You can also place Contact Sensors on interior doors leading to areas that are off-limits — like basements, or laundry rooms — so you can be notified if pets sneak in.

You can purchase additional Motion Detectors to add to your system, and their adjustable settings are perfect for pet owners. You can set your Motion Detector to ignore heat sources from pets under 30 or 50 pounds, so you can still protect your home while your pets roam freely without triggering the Alarm.

Pet parents looking for even more security can buy a few optional add-ons for Ring Alarm, including:

  • Outdoor Contact Sensors: If the latch on your back gate is no match for your dog, an Outdoor Contact Sensor can trigger your Alarm with a Ring Protect subscription, sold separately, when the gate opens. These sensors can also be used on sheds or garages where your pet doesn't belong.
  • Alarm Smoke and CO Listeners: Smoke and carbon monoxide detectors are critical safety features for you and your pets — but you have to be home to hear them. With a Listener, you’ll get a notification if your detector goes off when you’re away with a Ring Protect subscription, sold separately, so you can ask a neighbor to grab your fur family or place a call to the authorities.
  • Alarm Flood & Freeze Sensors: These sensors help you prevent leaks and burst pipes by detecting running water and temperatures under 40 degrees Fahrenheit. With a Ring Protect subscription, sold separately, you’ll get a notification to your phone. You can quickly crank up the heat or call a plumber to keep your grumpy cat from living its worst nightmare — an unexpected bath.
  • Video Doorbells

    Outdoor Security Cameras can show you if your puppy digs a hole under your back fence, but what if he slips out the front door when your kids get home from school? With a Ring Video Doorbell, you can check the footage in the Ring App to see when he left — and you’ll get a Motion Alert if he returns. Some crafty canines and kitties have even learned to ring their parents’ doorbells and demand entry.

    Dress Up Your Windows

    Vinyl window blinds may get the job done — but they're not the most appealing option. You can easily replace them with a set of wooden blinds or cover them with curtains. Keep in mind that you may have to install your own curtain rod, and if your rental’s windows are a non-standard size, the new blinds may not fit your next space.

    Add an Extra Layer of Protection With the Neighbors App

    One of the best assets to your pet’s safety isn’t a device — it’s your community. And with the Neighbors App by Ring, you can connect with people nearby to bring your lost pet back home or reunite a neighbor with their furry friend.

    The Neighbors App comes with several helpful features anyone can use to help recover a lost pet, including:

  • Pet Profiles: After downloading the Neighbors App, you can create a profile for your pets with pictures and helpful details like age, gender, weight, and more. If one goes missing, a lost pet post can be created with just a few clicks. Afterwards, people in and around your neighborhood will be notified so they can keep an eye out.
  • Contact Me: You don’t have to post your phone number to get information about your lost pet. Instead, the Contact Me feature allows other users to contact you through text or voice call using a temporary phone number.
  • Whether your pet wanders a few houses over or goes off on an epic adventure, the Neighbors App can help ensure you’re reunited quickly.

    Check out our full range of security products for pets, or download the Neighbors App for free today.

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