Let’s get cookin’ with Ring & IFTTT
Let’s get cookin’ with Ring & IFTTT
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Let’s get cookin’ with Ring & IFTTT

By Nick on December 15, 2015

We’re making a highly requested partnership a reality today: IFTTT is now part of the Ring+ family! Ring plus IFTTT means your Ring Video Doorbell can now integrate with over 100 other products and online tools. You can create recipes on IFTTT so that when someone is at your door or there is motion, something else on one of IFTTT’s many connected services can happen. Want to turn your lights on when someone rings your bell? Now you can. Want to collect data about your doorbell activity to analyze later? Have at it!  Ever wish your doorbell had its own Twitter account? Well, wish no more, because with IFTTT you can have the tweeting-est doorbell on your block!

We can’t wait to see what recipes you create. Here are some of our own concoctions at Ring to help inspire you:

  • Turn on Hue lights when there is motion at my door

  • Toggle lights on/off when someone is at the door

  • Post to Slack when someone’s at your door

  • When there’s motion at my door, mark it in Google Calendar

  • Log times I have visitors to a daily email digest

  • If someone is at my door, turn off my music with Harmony

This is just the beginning of Ring + IFTTT…share your own creative recipes with us in the comments below! If we love it, we’ll make it an official Ring + IFTTT recipe.

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