Super Bowl Sunday is always a busy day for Ring. The past two years have shattered Ring records for the most notifications in a day, as well as the highest spikes in doorbell activity. And this year was no different.

While friends and family gathered around to watch the underdog Eagles take down the favored Pats, Ring Video Doorbells and Security Cams were working overtime to monitor activity at our homes. Let’s see how the data compares to your Big Game party.


Spike in Activity


A Blitz of Doorbell Dings

It’s no surprise that our largest spike in doorbell dings every year comes during the Super Bowl. This year, data shows that most partygoers started showing up about two hours ahead of kickoff, presumably to find a good seat and grub some tasty barbecue. Visitors steadily increased right up until game time.

As folks were getting their parties started, Ring saw an 80% spike in visitors during our peak, which came about 30 minutes before kickoff. This means that there were 80% more doorbell dings at this time over a typical Sunday for Ring. That’s our highest spike ever!

Ring Neighbors Go the Distance

While doorbell dings tell the story of people arriving at parties, data for motion alerts tell us all about the partygoers’ comings and goings.

Sports fans were glued to their seats as soon as the Big Game started. But once halftime hit, we saw a spike in activity, as most people were presumably going outside to fire up the barbecue and restock their party favors. Activity died down once Justin Timberlake hit the stage, and a large spike in visitors happened right before the start of the second half, when partygoers were returning to their seats to watch the end of the game.

We saw our least amount of activity during the fourth quarter, as fans were focused on the Eagles and Pats’ back-and-forth battle. It wasn’t until the end of the game when we saw another large spike, when disappointed fans left dejected and happy fans went out to celebrate.

A Yearly Super Bowl Spike

In total, Ring homes welcomed more than half a million visitors into their Big Game parties. We can’t wait to see all the numbers and data from next year’s game!

We love seeing all the action captured by your Ring Video Doorbells and Security Cams. So if you have a fun Super Bowl video that you want to share with us, send it to!