Halloween may be a night for ghouls and ghosts to roam the streets, but for us at Ring, October 31 is one of our busiest days of the year. While trick-or-treaters were filling their bags with sweets, Ring Video Doorbells were capturing millions of events around the world.

But before we take a look at this year’s numbers, let’s check out some of our favorite videos shared by Ring Neighbors.

To Ring? Or Not to Ring?

Are you brave enough to knock on this door? One of the kids was rewarded with a treat, but the rest just got tricked.

No Laughing Matter

A Ring Video Doorbell, automated lights and a frightening chuckle. Yeah, we’d be freaked out too!

Busted by Ring

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These trick-or-treaters thought they could swipe the whole bucket. Not on Ring’s watch!

We Want Sweets!

This homeowner didn’t want to be tricked, but she could still join the fun through her Ring Video Doorbell.

Practice Makes Perfect

This family had the right idea and made sure their Dalmatians put in some practice before hitting the streets. We think the other 99 Dalmatians are just around the corner.

A Very Busy Ring Halloween

Earlier this year, we highlighted our record-breaking Super Bowl numbers, which saw a 45% increase in doorbell dings over a typical Sunday. But this year’s Halloween was on a whole new level.

Ring Video Doorbells were working overtime last night. In total, Ring had over 3 million doorbell dings and over 42 million events (which include doorbell alerts, motion alerts and Live Views).

That’s a 200% increase over a typical day at Ring, shattering our previous record.

Doorbell dings and video events peaked at 4 P.M. PST (or 7 P.M. for our neighbors on the East Coast), hitting an all-time high of 514K dings and 2.4M recorded events during the busiest trick-or-treating hour of the evening.

We hope you all had a great and safe Halloween. We can’t wait till next year! And don’t forget to share your favorite Halloween videos with submissions@ring.com so you can show us all the fun you had!