Detectives with the Los Angeles Police Department are investigating an incident that took place at a Tarzana home early Wednesday morning. Now, the LAPD is asking for the public’s help in identifying the suspect.

Kelley and her family were sound asleep when a bearded stranger came to their front door at around 2:30 a.m. last Wednesday. The stranger casually peered into Kelley’s home, brandished a large knife and smoked a cigarette while the Tarzana family slept inside.

But unknown to this knife-wielding stranger, the entire incident was caught on camera by Kelley’s Ring Video Doorbell:

Although Kelley and her family missed their Ring alert, her Video Doorbell captured everything. The video clearly shows a bearded man dressed in a blue jacket, gloves and a beanie standing on her porch. He then pulls out his knife and lights the cigarette in his mouth.

“I went into an immediate panic,” Kelley said. “He had a massive knife. If he got in, what was he going to do with that?”

The LAPD also wants to know what the suspect’s intentions are, so they’re calling on the public for information about his whereabouts. Meanwhile, Kelley and her neighbors are understandably on edge, but they’re doing their part to stay alert and get the word out.

“It’s creepy,” Kelley said. “I don’t leave my house now without looking around all over the place.”

If you recognize the suspect or want to report a similar crime in the area, contact Detective Ervin with the LAPD at 818.374.7730 or