Give Your Front Door a Spooktacular Makeover With Halloween Quick Replies, Faceplates & More
Give Your Front Door a Spooktacular Makeover With Halloween Quick Replies, Faceplates & More
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Give Your Front Door a Spooktacular Makeover With Halloween Quick Replies, Faceplates & More

By Ring on October 17, 2022

October brings the most thrilling, hair-raising and devilishly fun holiday of the year — Halloween. 

But spooky season is so much more than just a single night for tricks and treats, and it’s definitely not just for the kids! If you love breaking out the Halloween decor and decking out your house each year, Ring is here to help you get into the scary spirit while helping keep you, your family, and your neighborhood safe.

From Halloween Quick Replies that would make Dracula proud, to smart ways to help monster-proof your home through witching hour, these spooktacular tips will help you be ready for all of the creatures who stop by your front door.

#1 Get Your Spooky On With Halloween Quick Replies

Amp up the Halloween spirit at your front door by adding some of these haunting Halloween Quick Replies to your Ring Video Doorbells. Here’s how it works: We have a selection of free Halloween-themed messages you can pick from. Then if you can’t get to the door, after trick-or-treaters press the doorbell button, it will respond with one of these bewitching responses:

Let friends know you’re on your way to scare greet them.

See if the werewolf who dropped by has something to tell you.

Warn ghost and goblin visitors that this house is haunted.

If you don't have a Ring Video Doorbell yet, there’s still plenty of time to treat yourself and get in on the Halloween fun. Plus, getting started is easy with a quick DIY set-up (and no witchcraft required). There’s a Ring for every home. House, apartment, or condo — no matter where you live, we’ve got the perfect doorbell for you, so shop now!

#2 Bring the Haunting Inside Too With Ghostly Chimes Tones

After picking your favorite ghoul-greeting, don’t stop there. Those eager to bring the best of the season inside their homes this month can add Halloween Chime Tones to their Ring Chime or Chime Pro.

Check out some of our favorites — if you dare:

Bring fright fest to your home.

Add another dimension of eeriness with these ghosts.

Make Dracula proud with this creepy cackle.

Changing your Chime Tone is easy so you can switch up which vampire-approved sound plays. And even if you don’t have a Chime or Chime Pro, you can still select a Halloween-inspired tone as the notification sound for your Ring App on your phone. 

#3 Dress Up Your Doorbell With Fantastical Faceplates

Dress up your Ring Video Doorbell with these special edition Halloween print faceplates. Add some festive fall flair to your Ring Video Doorbell 3, Video Doorbell 3 Plus, or Video Doorbell 4 with boo-rific ghosts and pumpkins or falling leaves, or to your Ring Video Doorbell 2 with spooky spiderweb or bat designs.

#4 Charge Your Batteries 

Halloween is one of the busiest days for the doorbells as trick-or-treaters and party-goers alike step outside and visit family, friends and neighbors. If your Ring Doorbell is battery powered, charging it up a couple days before will help ensure there is no down time on All Hallow’s Eve. All of the motion and commotion at your front door is likely to drain your battery faster. Check out this Ring Community article for battery charging tips. You can also grab an extra battery pack to always have a backup.

#5 Add Smart Lights For a Brighter Hallow’s Eve 

As the weather starts to get eerily brisk and night falls earlier in the day, make sure your home is well lit to help deter any unwanted visitors.

With motion-activated Ring Pathlights and Steplights, you can ensure that no one misses a step or gets lost on their way to your front door for treats. And, you can connect the lights to your Ring Doorbell and other Ring devices to see all the action right on your phone from the Ring App. This way, you’ll know exactly when you need to open the door with your best monster roar to give all the trick-or-treaters a playful fright.

#6 Make Halloween Safety Your Priority 

While your front door is likely to see most of the action this Halloween, Ring Spotlight or Floodlight Cams can help you keep an eye on all the other areas around your home. When you connect your devices to the Ring App, you can control them all from one simple dashboard — giving you extra peace of mind (and more time to eat candy).

Before kiddos in cute costumes or mischievous candy snatchers stop by, pair your compatible Ring and Alexa-enabled devices. When you have Ring + Alexa working together, it’s even easier to know who’s at your door with Alexa Person and Package Detection Announcements.1

And when the decorations come down and all the candy is gone, you can still save and share the videos of your fun Halloween memories from your video doorbells or security cameras thanks to a Ring Protect subscription.

How are you getting your front door ready for Halloween? Send us pictures of your porch or videos of your adorable dinosaur or mini superhero decked out for Halloween to!

Ring Protect subscription required for Alexa Person and Package Detection Announcements, recording, and saving videos. Subscription sold separately. See Ring Protect Subscription Plans for more information.

This blog was originally published on October 2, 2019 and updated on October 17 and 24, 2022.

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