Ring Launches New Neighbors Feature, Announces RingCares Initiative
Ring  Launches New Neighbors Feature, Announces RingCares Initiative
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Ring Launches New Neighbors Feature, Announces RingCares Initiative

By Ring on September 21, 2021

At Ring, our mission to make neighborhoods safer is bigger than just the products we build. It also means being the best neighbors we can be — and empowering our customers to do the same. Good Neighbor Day is an annual holiday that celebrates the importance of caring, connected communities. At Ring, it represents not only a moment for us to honor the communities in which we and our customers live and work, it’s also a time to think about the ways we can give back and build better neighborhoods, together.

Today, as part of our month-long celebration of Good Neighbor Day, we’re thrilled to announce the launch of a new feature on the Neighbors App, as well as a new initiative.

Better Neighborhoods Tile — Inspiring Neighbors to Get Involved

Starting today, all Neighbors users will see a new tile in their app called Better Neighborhoods. The Better Neighborhoods tile encourages community members to get involved in their communities by connecting them with national and local organizations so they can learn about their mission, sign up to volunteer, or make a donation. We hope these resources inspire Neighbors users to learn more about community safety from expert organizations and make it easier to get involved. Opportunities available in Neighbors now include:

  • Giving back to organizations like the American Red Cross, which saves more than 4.5 million lives each year by blood transfusions.
  • Taking action with Habitat for Humanity to raise awareness for housing insecurity or The United Way to support communities’ most critical needs.
  • Listening and learning with Hollaback! about how to safely respond when another neighbor might be in danger or Ready.gov for disaster preparedness training.

RingCares — Supporting Those Who Are Giving Back

We’re also celebrating Good Neighbor Day with the launch of the RingCares initiative, which recognizes organizations that inspire us across the country. This year, we are supporting local nonprofits that are making an impact in the communities where our team members live and work with a monetary donation.

We know safety means different things to different communities, and believe in supporting those who know their neighborhoods best. We work with mission-driven organizations to learn from community leaders and better understand community safety efforts. We aim to extend the impact of the organizations we’re honoring today, including Byrd Barr Place, The Crime Victims’ Center of Chester County, Inc., The Ending Community Homelessness Coalition, Family Giving Tree, Mission of Deeds, SafeNest, Save the Family, A Sense of Home, and Youth Opportunities Unlimited. From providing secure housing, to advocating for victims of violence, and inspiring youth to pursue new opportunities, these organizations embody what it means to be a good neighbor.

We also want to encourage even more community members, including Ring team members, to get involved. You can learn more about our Community Commitments and the actions we’re taking with local and national organizations.

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