Ring and eero Bring Connectivity to Smart Home Security With Ring Alarm Pro
Ring and eero Bring Connectivity to Smart Home Security With Ring Alarm Pro
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Ring and eero Bring Connectivity to Smart Home Security With Ring Alarm Pro

By Mike Harris, Chief Operations Officer on September 28, 2021

At Ring, our roots are in innovation around the physical security needs of our neighbors, and we’re always looking for ways to make your home work harder for you. But as our lives have become increasingly digital, we realized we had to look further than just physical security and incorporate digital security into our products and services as well. This led us to working with our friends over at eero, who have been delivering world-class connectivity and digital security for years. Today, we’re excited to announce our latest invention: Ring Alarm Pro.


These days, everything from money and personal information to cherished family photos are stored digitally, so it’s more critical than ever to keep them safe and secure. We worked with eero to create a device offering professionally monitored home security and digital security (with a Ring Protect Pro subscription), so you can help protect your home online and off. It’s everything you’ve come to expect from your Ring Alarm, and more.

When we introduced the first Ring Alarm in 2018, we wanted to make a professionally monitored home security system that is easy to use, affordable, and accessible. With Ring Alarm Pro, we’ve built on that idea to offer reliable physical and digital security in one, innovative device. Now you can help protect your home with all of the benefits of the Ring Alarm, like optional professional monitoring to keep your home safe and secure, while experiencing fast, reliable connectivity.

Ring Alarm Pro is a single device that helps protect you from break-ins, fires, and even freezing and floods for reliable whole-home security. Plus, the built-in eero Wi-Fi 6 router provides fast, reliable connectivity to support all your devices.

Stay Connected and Secure

With the new Ring Protect Pro subscription, your connected devices can stay online with 24/7 Backup Internet, which keeps your devices — including laptops and security cameras – online and functioning with cellular data. When the internet goes out, you’ll have 3GB of cellular data included per month, which means you can record approximately 300 Ring videos, 1.5 hours of video streaming, or 2 hours of video calls on a laptop. You can also opt into Extra Data for $3 per additional GB used. Plus, if the power goes out, you can connect up to four Ring Power Packs to keep 24/7 Backup Internet up and running until power is restored.

Additionally, with Ring Protect Pro, you’ll also get access to optional professional monitoring, eero Secure security features such as threat protection, ad blocking, and content filtering, as well as the Alexa Guard Plus hands-free emergency helpline.

Ring Edge Keeps Things Local

We’re excited to announce that now anyone with a Ring Alarm Pro and a Ring Protect subscription can enjoy local video storage with Ring Edge.

Simply insert a microSD card into your Ring Alarm Pro, and choose which of your Ring cameras you’d like to connect. As a Ring Protect Pro subscription benefit, Alarm Pro customers will receive a redemption code for a free 64GB microSD card that ships separately. With 64GB, you can store approximately 47 hours of Ring video clips, giving you more choice when it comes to storing your videos.

From your physical space to network connectivity, Ring Alarm Pro takes both into consideration to redefine the concept of smart home security. Ring Alarm Pro is available today on Ring.com and Amazon.com, with bundles starting at $299.99. Ring Protect Pro is available starting at just $20 per month per location.

*eero mesh wifi router provides up to 1,500 sq. ft. of coverage. Adding eero Extenders expands coverage. Coverage estimates are based on normal use conditions. Actual range and performance can vary. Cellular data is provided by a third-party carrier. Coverage, uptime, technology, and speeds will vary.

This blog was updated on November 16, 2021.

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