The Generous Neighbor’s Gift Guide of 2015
The Generous Neighbor’s Gift Guide of 2015
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The Generous Neighbor’s Gift Guide of 2015

By Nick on November 20, 2015

The holiday season is in close proximity, just like your neighbors.  You lend one another lawn tools, give warm greetings while collecting the morning paper, and have the same wishes regarding property values and neighborhood amenities.  

While some neighbors just share zip codes with each other, others are more than strangers living on the same street.  If you’re friends with your neighbors, you’ll want to celebrate the close ties with sentiments of the season.  At Ring, we don’t just sell a smart doorbell – our mission is to help neighborhoods be safer and closer. So here are nine gifts that will knock their socks off and are sure to elicit an especially warm greeting the next time your trips to the mailbox coincide.

Towel Warmer

What’s better than a relaxing, hot shower?  Having a warm and toasty towel ready when stepping out!  Warm towels for after showers and baths, blankets for cold nights, and articles of clothing for before stepping out into brisk weather.  Neighbors appreciate warm greetings across lawns, but they’ll especially love being met with a warmed towel after a shower.

Leather Guest Book

We live in the age of “likes” and “shares” but wouldn’t your neighbor really like guests to share their thoughts and messages in person while sitting in their home?  It makes for a more intimate exchange and is made possible with a gold-stamped leather guest book from Barneys.  As a fun and quirky way to remember visitations, guests can leave their name and a short message through the holiday season and entire year.

Video Doorbell

We might be just a little biased, but many have told us our Ring Video Doorbell is a gift of convenience and security. Imagine if your neighbors could answer their door from anywhere using their smartphone.  They can after you present them with a motion-triggered doorbell that monitors and records visitors at the front door.  Whether it’s the much anticipated pizza delivery person or not-so-desired in-laws, your neighbor can keep watch on who’s there from anywhere.  Actually, it’s a gift for the entire neighborhood; if more neighbors are equipped with video capabilities, the neighborhood becomes better guarded against suspicious activity.

Bio-Plastic iPhone Case

Great neighbors join forces in keeping front lawns green, but taking things a step further, presenting your neighbor with a bio-plastic iPhone case allows them to keep the entire Earth green.  Made of materials derived from renewable biomass sources, such as vegetable fats and oils, corn starch, or microbiota, this Gucci phone case is incredibly chic and environmentally conscientious.

Cashmere Pillow Cover

Who doesn’t  love the feel and texture of cashmere?  It’s extravagant (and a bit eccentric) to cover an entire living room with the material, but with a cashmere pillow cover, neighbors can start small with a 20” square throw pillow.

Portable Photo Cube

As previously mentioned, the modern era, obsessed with online platforms, loses touch with tactile forms of expression and engagement.  However, the portable photo cube, available at Frontgate, unions new technology with a traditional medium.  This wireless printer provides stunning 2” x 3.4” pictures taken from the memory of a smartphone or tablet.  The photo cube, measuring just 3” wide, easily fits in a handbag or pocket, and is compatible with iPhones, iPads, and other Wi-Fi enabled devices.  Rather than “thank you” emails, neighbors can present holiday hardcopy photos.

Greyhound Bookends

It’s understood that fences make good neighbors and handcrafted optic crystal greyhounds make for good bookends.  Maybe that last part is a stretch, but with these silver-finished greyhound bookends, your neighbors can stretch out an array of books, magazines, and media on any shelf.  The regal hounds adopt a proud, elongated stance atop a clear, optic crystal base.

Apple Coffee Table Book

Iconic brands like Apple don’t just grow on trees.  That is why the innovative company is commemorated in a coffee table book, celebrating its history of products and impact on the world.  The Ultimate Edition hardcover is reserved for hardcore Apple fans.  It features a clamshell case, custom LED-embedded movement sensors, and an authentic signed letter from the book’s author.

Granite Cheese Board

What will make your neighbor happier than seeing a gift box featuring the esteemed Neiman Marcus label?  Maybe a granite board filled with tasty cheeses?  The imported brass-plated cheese board is made of granite, stainless steel, and oxidized metal, measuring 15” in width and 8.5” in length.

Who’s the best neighbor this side of town?  It’s likely that the answer will be you after you grace your neighbors with these suggested tokens of neighborly generosity!

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