Five Tips to Give Your Front Door a Smart Halloween Makeover and a Safety Check
Five Tips to Give Your Front Door a Smart Halloween Makeover and a Safety Check
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Five Tips to Give Your Front Door a Smart Halloween Makeover and a Safety Check

By Ring on October 2, 2019

October marks the start of the most thrilling, hair-raising and devilishly fun holidays of the fall season -- Halloween.

Halloween is more than just a night for tricks and treats, and it’s definitely not just for the kids! Whether you love getting all dolled up for the occasion, or you get the house ready with Halloween decorations for the dressed-up witches and wizards in search of candy, Ring is here to help you get in the spirit and keep you, your family and the neighborhood safe.

From Halloween Chime tones that are sure to get your whole house in the spirit, to smart ways to help keep unwanted visitors away, Ring helps you decorate your front door with these five easy tips. 

#1 Halloween Chime Tones

Help your household get into the Halloween spirit by updating your chime tones to fit the season. This year, we are excited to add the newest chime tone to our library. They’re creepy and they’re kooky, mysterious and spooky, and they are definitely a family everyone is excited to see show up on Halloween.


THE ADDAMS FAMILY, coming to theaters Oct. 11, can now be part of your family for the season with this special edition Chime tone.

Available now through November 30th, you can fill your home with the haunting musings of Gomez, Morticia, Wednesday and Pugsley, along with the rest of the Addams family anytime someone comes to your door.

Here’s how you change your chime tones:

  1. Open the Ring App and tap the three bars in the top left corner to open the main menu.
  2. Select “Devices.”
  3. Select the Chime or Chime Pro on your account.
  4. Select “Audio Settings.”
  5. Select “Chime Tones.”
  6. Look through the list of tones and select your preferred tone.
  7. Tap “Save Changes,” wait a moment for the update to finalize.
  8. You’re all set! 

Don’t have a Chime or Chime Pro? You can still select this new tone as the notification sound for your Ring app on iOS. Find instructions on how to change your Ring notification tones here.

#2 Dress Up Your Doorbell With Fantastical Faceplates

Now you can dress up your Ring Video Doorbell 2 with special edition Halloween print faceplates! Pick your poison between boo-rific bats or spooky spider web designs to up your decorations. Hurry to get yours as they are available for a limited time only. 

#3 Charge Your Batteries

Halloween is one of the busiest days for your doorbell as trick-or-treaters and party-goers alike step outside and visit family, friends and neighbors. In fact, last year Ring users rang their doorbells more than seven million times on Halloween -- six times more than on an average day!

If your Ring Doorbell is battery powered, charging it up a couple days before will help ensure there is no down time on all Hallow’s Eve. All of the motion and commotion at your front door is likely to drain your battery faster. Check out this Ring Community article for battery charging tips. You can also grab an extra battery pack here to always have a backup.

#4 Add Smart Lights For a Brighter Hallow’s Eve

As the weather starts to get eerily brisk and night falls earlier and earlier in the day, make sure your home is well lit to help deter any unwanted visitors.

With Ring Pathlights and Steplights that can activate with motion, you can ensure that no one misses a step or gets lost on their way to your front door for treats. And, you can connect your Ring Smart Lights to your Ring Doorbell and other Ring devices to see all the action right on your phone from the Ring App. This way, you’ll know exactly when you need to open the door with your best monster roar to give all the trick-or-treaters a playful fright.

#5 Make Halloween Safety Your Priority

While most who are out and about on Halloween mean no harm, it’s always better to practice caution. While your front door is getting all of the attention, Ring Spotlight or Floodlight Cams can help keep an eye on all the other areas around your home.

Check out these Limited Time Offers from Ring and get supernatural savings on the top deals for added home security and peace of mind.

How else are you getting your front door ready for Halloween? Send us pictures of your front porch or videos of your favorite Halloween visitors to!

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