“Ring Alarm Stopped a Break-in Before They Even Got In”
“Ring Alarm Stopped a Break-in Before They Even Got In”
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“Ring Alarm Stopped a Break-in Before They Even Got In”

By Ring on February 21, 2022

It started like any other normal day for Guillermo and Michelle. He was at work, while she took their two young daughters, Justice and Mercedes, to the dentist. While they were all gone, something they least expected happened — someone tried to break into their Ontario, CA home.

They knew something was wrong when Guillermo got a Ring Alert and then seconds later a call from 24/7 professional monitoring1 saying that their Ring Alarm was going off.


“They asked me first if everything was okay, and [said] that we had a Motion Alert in the garage,” Guillermo recalls. “I actually was glad that somebody was looking after my house.”

He immediately called Michelle to see if she and the girls might have come back home. When she confirmed that they were at the dentist, he knew that it could have been something serious and told the Ring agent to request police assistance.

“I was terrified, but I was glad that Ring [professional monitoring] called us and was able to alert the authorities to get here and take care of the situation,” Michelle says.

Both Guillermo and Michelle raced home, worst-case scenarios rushing through their minds.

“I'm thinking, 'Oh no, it's something I've always dreaded happening to the house and it's happening,'” Michelle adds. “I made it back to our home, like maybe a minute before the police got here.”

By the time she arrived, she found the garage door slightly open and no sign of the burglars. The Ring Alarm siren must have scared them off.

“They tried to break in through the garage by using a crowbar to lift open the garage door,” Michelle recollects. “The garage is attached to our home, and they would have been able to gain entry to our kitchen.”

The police came shortly thereafter and said there had been a number of break-ins in the neighborhood recently.

“When the police got here, it wasn't just one officer. It ended up being about 19 of them with the helicopter, canines, the whole works,” Michelle adds. “They took the Ring Alert very seriously.”

More than anything, Guillermo and Michelle are grateful their Ring Alarm worked exactly the way it was supposed to and prevented those who tried to break-in from entering the house.

“We were very fortunate because of the Ring system that we did not have any theft,” Michelle says. “It could have been devastating and it wasn't, thanks to Ring's quick response and the police quick response to Ring's Alert.”

The Ultimate Peace of Mind, When You’re Home or Away

Initially, Guillermo and Michelle got Ring Alarm to be able to monitor their house when they were gone and to feel protected when they were home. One way they’re able to do this is with the Modes feature. Modes make it easy to arm or disarm your Ring Alarm sensors using three different modes: Home, Away, and Disarmed.

“The Ring Alarm has the Home [Mode] setting, which I love,” Michelle says. “So, when I am home with my girls, I feel really protected.”

You can also use the alarm keypad, the Ring App, or even ask Alexa to arm and disarm the alarm system. Or, you can even set up Geofence — an invisible boundary around your home. Once it’s enabled, you’ll get a reminder to arm your Alarm when you exit that boundary, or it can automatically snooze alerts from your security cameras and doorbells when you come home.

After the incident, Guillermo and Michelle decided to expand the Ring of security around their home by adding several Floodlight Cams, Video Doorbells, and alarm sensors for ultimate peace of mind.

“Another thing that we decided to do was add more Alexa [devices] to the house so we can automate it,” Guillermo explains. “We automated the lights, so when the alarm goes off, the lights start flashing. The whole house is now connected — the Ring Alarm System, the watering system, the lights — all over the house, all of it is connected.”

Guillermo and Michelle loved that their Ring devices were quick and easy to install and set up.

“It was just as simple as sticking some things on the wall wherever we wanted it. If we wanted it permanently, we screwed it on, if not, there was one with adhesive tape,” Guillermo says. “And then putting it through your phone to activate the things was also incredibly easy because of the QR codes that you just put your [phone] camera on, and then it's done.”

Michelle, who says she is “not a tech-savvy person,” found it easy to connect their Alexa devices with the Ring App.

Now the couple feels their house is even more secure with all of the Ring and Alexa devices they’ve added, along with 24/7 professional monitoring they have thanks to a Ring Protect Pro subscription.

“The sense of security is something that we value a lot,” Guillermo says. “ My family means everything. And I don't want anything to happen.”

Build Your Own Custom Home Security System

Like Guillermo and Michelle, you can start building your own Ring of security one device at a time. Plus, you can connect all of your Ring devices and even the compatible third-party products together in the Ring App to keep an eye on your home from wherever you are.

“The [Ring] App is really user friendly, it's just a press of a button to see my cameras, to set my alarm, to turn off my alarm,” Michelle says. “I love it.”

To get started building your own Ring security system, call the Ring Security Experts for a free consultation at 1-800-800-RING. Or answer a few questions about your home to create a security system that’s right for you.

1Compatible Ring subscription required. Sold separately. Ring does not own its own professional monitoring center.

For Ring Alarm license numbers, visit: ring.com/licenses.

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