Riley’s Journey Home with Help From the Neighbors App!
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Riley’s Journey Home with Help From the Neighbors App!

By Ring on December 11, 2023

While in the yard with her son, Chantel stumbled upon a lost dog, Riley, who was under her fence and unsure where to go. When Chantel and her son found the dog, they were faced a dilemma – how to handle this unforeseen situation!

"It was something that threw us off guard," Chantel recalls. "My son and I saw the dog under the fence and we were like, 'What do we do? How do we deal with this?'"

Meanwhile, upon realizing that both Riley and his other dog Blondie were missing, Riley's owner Jesse had distributed flyers throughout the neighborhood. Jesse and his family searched tirelessly for both Riley and Blondie with no luck. Despite the mounting worry (since their dogs had been missing for ten days), Jesse and his family pressed on, determined to find their beloved pets. Concurrently, Chantel and her son decided to turn to the Neighbors App, creating a lost pet post in hopes of a swift reunion.

"In the same day," Chantel recalls, "we got a hit!‘ A kind neighbor commented on Chantel's post, providing a phone number and saying, "that's the owner. I saw the lost dog flier on 64th ave." After Chantel posted on the Neighbors App, she received a text. Chantel connected with Jesse, and the two confirmed the details that validated the lost dog was indeed Riley. Soon after, Jesse swung by and was reunited with Riley, who had ventured nearly 50 blocks away!

Miraculously, both Riley and Blondie were found with help from the Neighbors App, and Jesse couldn't believe their luck in locating both dogs. Riley's joyful reunion was a moment to cherish, captured in a video in which the elated dog wagged her tale and jumped into Jesse's arms.

As a pet lover herself, Chantel understood the devastation of losing a beloved animal and was so happy she could help bring Riley home. The Neighbors App not only helped reunite Riley with her family, but also provided a platform for the community to come together in support. The Neighbors App, fueled by the collective spirit of neighbors and the collaboration of the community, played a pivotal role in Riley’s resilient and rosy reunion!

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