How to Keep Dad Connected to What’s Important This Father’s Day
How to Keep Dad Connected to What’s Important This Father’s Day
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How to Keep Dad Connected to What’s Important This Father’s Day

By Ring on June 6, 2024

With Father's Day right around the corner, you may be looking for a new way to celebrate your dad. Every dad is different, but one thing remains true for all, they should all feel special. We know how important it is to stay close to the people that matter most. So, here are a few ways to keep your dad connected this Father’s Day.

Plan a Father's Day Visit

Perhaps, it’s been a few months or a few days since you’ve last seen your pop, but there’s nothing like a sweet surprise. What better one to give your dad on Father’s Day than a visit from YOU? If distance has kept you apart from your dad, making the effort to visit him in person this Father's Day can be an incredibly meaningful way to connect. Whether it's a short drive or a longer journey, seeing him face-to-face demonstrates how much you value spending quality time together.


The best way to connect with your dad may be through activities he enjoys. Take some time to reflect on the things that make him happy, whether it's tinkering in the garage, cheering on his favorite sports team, or pursuing a beloved hobby. Once you decide what he'd enjoy most, plan an experience that allows you to engage with him and spend quality time in a unique way. It could be as simple as watching a game in the living room, working on a DIY project, or planning an outing centered around his hobbies. Creating quality, uninterrupted time to connect one-on-one will go a long way in making him feel special this Father's Day.


If you’re looking for an event to celebrate Father’s Day with your dad, but don’t know where to look, check out the Neighbors App by Ring for community events in your neighborhood. From car shows, distillery tours, and block parties to festivals and street fairs, the Neighbors App will keep you and your dad connected to all the exciting events taking place, so you can unwind and enjoy the day.

Help Your Dad Stay Connected

Dads can sometimes be the hardest people to shop for. Some may proclaim to need nothing or or may have already have everything they could ever want. Whatever the case, there's always something special you can give your dad this Father's Day.

For the dad who loves staying connected to home even when he's on the go, a Ring Video Doorbell can be a thoughtful and simple tech-savvy gift. Our smart home devices allow dads to see, hear, and communicate with visitors right from their smartphone, even when they're not physically present. Beyond the convenience factor, a video doorbell can also help capture family memories. Imagine your dad being able to watch a video of his grandkids excitedly wish him a Happy Father's Day, or seeing a recording of the surprise party you've planned just for him. With a Ring Protect subscription, sold separately,1 he can review the footage anytime to relive those special moments.

You might also consider gifting your dad a Ring Stick Up Cam, as our versatile home security cameras will help him keep tabs on home from wherever he may be. Paired with our Ring App, the Stick Up Cam is a thoughtful, tech gift that can help your dad feel more secure and connected to the family, even when he can't be there in person.

You can't forget about man's best friend, so consider giving your dad a Pet Tag in the event his beloved pet goes missing. If your dad sets up a Pet Profile on the Neighbors App, the easy-to-scan QR code on the Pet Tag will display information like to help someone care for the pet until reunited with dad.

Write a Letter or Personalized Card

One of the most significant ways to connect with your dad this Father's Day is by taking the time to express your thoughts and feelings in a letter or a personalized card. By doing so, you'll be communicating in a deeply personal way, one that goes beyond generic store-bought sentiments. Share specific memories that highlight why your dad is special to you - whether it's recounting a cherished moment, acknowledging his unwavering support, or expressing your gratitude for the values he's instilled. Don't be afraid to get vulnerable and open up about how his guidance and love have shaped you into the person you are today. Consider adding personal touches like a drawing, photos, or writing lyrics to a meaningful song that can make the gesture even more heartfelt.

Whether it's planning an outing, crafting a heartfelt message, or simply spending the day at home together, the smallest gestures can have the biggest impact. This Father's Day, go the extra mile to make your dad feel seen, heard, and valued, and he's sure to have a joyous day.

1 Your Ring videos in the cloud are stored temporarily, up to 180 days. Changing your video storage time will only affect videos that are recorded after you adjust your storage time setting. Check Ring Protect Subscription Plans for more information.

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