7 Benefits of Home Security Cameras You May Not Have Considered
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7 Benefits of Home Security Cameras You May Not Have Considered

By Ring on October 5, 2023

They may have the word “security” in their title, but don’t let that mislead you — home security cameras from Ring aren’t just for protecting your home.

With their Two-Way Talk capabilities, motion detection, and crisp footage around the clock, these handy devices come with a ton of benefits that go far beyond alerting you to activity around your home. Whether you’re home or away, here are some of the many unique ways you can use your Ring security cameras each day.

Stay Connected With Furry Friends

Your beloved pets aren’t the only ones who get separation anxiety when you’re not home. When scrolling through pictures on your lunch break isn’t enough, indoor cameras can let you see what your furry companion is up to and watch them perk up when you call their name.

If one angle of your good boy or girl isn’t enough, you can put a few indoor security cameras in your pet’s favorite spots or in the spaces where they get up to their most sneaky behavior. And while we can’t promise they’ll listen, you can use Two-Way Talk to tell your dog to go back downstairs or stop using your sneaker as a chew toy.

Record and Save Precious Memories

Some of life’s most unforgettable moments happen right at home, from bringing your little one home for the first time to your not-so-little one learning they got into their dream school. With Ring cameras, you don’t need a phone ready to catch those once-in-a-lifetime memories on video. Instead, you can experience the full joy of the moment when it happens — and still relive it later when you’re feeling nostalgic.

With a Ring Protect subscription, sold separately, it’s easy to find, download, and share your favorite memories with the people you love. You always have access to the last 180 days of footage1, so you won’t lose the heartwarming clips of your front porch proposal or family dance party if you forget to download them immediately.

Check in on Your Home During Vacation

You may be eager to leave the house for a summer road trip or overseas vacation, but that doesn’t mean you won’t be thinking about what you left behind. Whether you want to say hi to your cat between sitter visits or check out an unexpected storm rolling through your hometown, you can use the Ring App from anywhere to see real-time footage. And if you catch a flying trampoline or lightning strike, you can phone a friend or family member to assess the situation.

Capture Moments You Have to See to Believe

Some things in life are unexplainable if you weren’t there to see them. But with outdoor security cameras, you can look back at past footage to solve the mystery of the missing newspaper, vanishing snacks, or empty bird feeder — and it might be even wilder than you imagined.

Since Ring cameras automatically start recording when motion is detected and send you a notification, you can open Live View to catch an unbelievable moment as it unfolds. And if a wild animal stops by, you may even be able to have a conversation or catch them playing ding-dong ditch.

Keep an Eye on Packages

There’s always a bit of anticipation when a package is on the way, especially when it’s a care package from Mom or a gift from your best friend. But when you’re not home to wait for the delivery truck, and you have a Ring Protect subscription, sold separately, your video doorbell can send you a Package Alert and record a short video, so you know it arrived safely. If you catch the delivery over Live View, you can even ask the driver to place your package out of view and thank them for the special shipment. Then, you can send a quick text to your neighbor asking them to grab it or check in from the Ring App throughout the day to make sure it’s still tucked out of view.

You may even see a funny moment that makes your day when you check the delivery footage, like this driver who couldn’t resist a snack or this mail carrier busting a move.

Catch and Monitor Safety Concerns

Every second matters when there’s a safety or health issue at home, and Ring cameras can help alert you as soon as something happens. That’s what helped Joey when he collapsed on a sweltering day and allowed this attentive neighbor to stop a fence fire in its tracks.

The Two-Way Talk feature can also help others get a hold of you quickly when it matters most, like when this good samaritan alerted a family of 10 after their garage caught fire.

Greet Your Loved Ones From Afar And Leave Messages for Later

When you’re always on the move juggling daycare drop-offs, early morning commutes, and late nights at the office, it’s hard to be present with the people you love. With Ring cameras, you don’t have to be in the same place to connect with your family — you can wish them a good day at school, say goodbye before a flight, and let them know you miss them from wherever you are.

If your loved one isn’t there to greet you over Live View but has a Ring Protect subscription, sold separately, you can also leave messages for later. Whether your kid wants to say goodnight when you’re on a business trip, or you want to wish your daughter a good day after she moves out, all you have to do is speak into your Ring cam. Or, if you’re in the mood for humor, you can communicate your love through dance or dad jokes.

Discover Even More Benefits With Ring

If you’re looking for security cameras that can help you stay protected, connected, and aware, Ring offers a range of options to help make your life easier. And once you get everything set up, you may even discover new and unique ways to take advantage of all the innovative features.

Browse our video doorbells, indoor security cameras, and outdoor security cameras today to find the best fit for your home, or speak with an expert to learn more about your options.

1 ​​Your Ring videos in the cloud are stored temporarily, up to 180 days. Changing your video storage time will only affect videos that are recorded after you adjust your storage time setting. Check Ring Protect Subscription Plans for more information.

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