Manufacturing and Shipment Update
Manufacturing and Shipment Update
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Manufacturing and Shipment Update

By Jamie Siminoff, Chief Inventor and Founder on November 4, 2014

I spent the last week at the factory.  The good news is that the processes at the factory and quality of the units coming out are exceptional. The only bummer is that one component (out of around 900 that we use) was late arriving to us.

Because the Ring Video Doorbell has a very large operating temperature range (120 to -5 degrees Fahrenheit) some of the components are not as widely available.  This, unfortunately, is the case for our onboard memory.  The chip that we use is an industrial grade chip that has a much higher operating temperature range than the standard chip you would find on a computer, camera or cell phone.

But luckily that is just a slight delay and as you can see from our other blog post today, the units are really amazing. There is nothing in the market even close to what we are doing right now.

The below pictures will give you an idea of some of the things we are doing at the factory in order to ensure that all units are working and problem free.

Board Level Testing

Every one of our electronic components is individually tested before being put into the enclosure.  We have custom fixtures that are able to run a series of diagnostic tests.

The above fixture runs a number of test on our camera board.

This picture provides a look inside the test fixture.  As you can see, a lot of care has been taken not only in the manufacturing process but even in the construction of the actual test fixtures as well.

Once all of the boards are tested, we move them upstairs to the assembly line.

These are trays of camera boards ready for assembly.

Trays of Rings in different stages of assembly.

This is a custom fixture that we built to install the Fresnel lens (the lens that is used for our advanced motion detection).  This machine is really amazing, creating a perfect seal around the lens.

Above you see 2 boxes.  These are specialized boxes that are made to block out wireless signals.  In the bottom box, we have a Wi-Fi router and in the top we load the Ring device.  The antenna has to be perfect in order for the Ring Doorbell to connect to the Wi-Fi router as the signal is greatly reduced.  This machine allows us to make sure that the Wi-Fi module and antenna installation are perfect.

The Ring Video Doorbell is a complex product and we have worked very hard to build all of the systems and tools to be able to manufacture them to the highest quality and make sure that each unit is fully tested before being delivered to our customers. We wish we did not have to delay the shipment however, we prefer to deliver you an exceptional product. Even with the delay we will still have all orders out in time for the holidays and we are looking forward to hearing about everyone’s units when they are out.

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