At Ring, our mission is to make neighborhoods safer, and we’ve learned that achieving this goal works best when communities work together. It’s why we created Neighbors. Today, we are proud to announce that fire departments around the U.S. are joining Neighbors to connect with residents in new ways.

Fire departments are instrumental to the safety of our community, and their work expands far beyond responding to fires. Firefighters provide support during disaster preparedness, arrive on the scene to provide medical response, and serve as educators on a variety of safety related topics. Now, fire departments can share real-time, hyper-local safety updates to Neighbors, including:

  • Emergency preparedness tips such as what to do in the event of a wildfire or hurricane.
  • Updates on critical incidents impacting the community.
  • Safety tips like how to prevent residential fires.
  • Community events such as blood drives and sandbag pickup locations.
  • Missing person announcements.

We’ve seen the impact Neighbors can have when communities share what’s happening around them in real-time. In 2018, the Woolsey Fire devastated more than 90,000 acres across Los Angeles and Ventura counties in California. Many residents turned to Neighbors to keep each other informed with real-time updates and to support one another.

As always, users are in control of their security and personal information, and we’ve designed Neighbors in a way that protects user privacy first and foremost.

Fire departments across six states are using Neighbors, including the Charlotte Fire Department (NC), Brownsville Fire Department (TX), Rogers Fire Department (AR), Franklin Township Fire District No. 1 (NJ), Indianapolis Fire Department (IN) and Aiken Department of Public Safety (SC). To see all of the fire departments using Neighbors, visit our Active Agency Map.

To learn more about how public safety agencies are using Neighbors to support communities across the country, visit our public safety website here.