Seven-year-old Taylor was riding a bike on her street in Scottsdale, Arizona, when a bobcat suddenly appeared in the neighborhood, walking toward her.

Thinking fast, Taylor quickly turned her bike around and pedaled to her neighbor’s house a few doors down for help, hoping they would be home to let her in.

Unfortunately, nobody was home, but luckily the family had a Ring Video Doorbell, so the neighbor, Nicole, was able to see and speak to Taylor from the Ring app on her phone. Taylor told her what happened and that she wanted to go home to her mom. Nicole told Taylor to stay put and wait for them, because they were already rushing home, only a few minutes away.

As Nicole turned the corner onto her street, she spotted Taylor’s mom, Kristen, who was frantically looking for her daughter. Kristen later told us how worried she was at that moment: “When I went back to find Taylor and couldn’t see her anywhere, I was completely freaking out.” Thankfully, Nicole assured her that Taylor was safe and waiting for them at her house.

Kristen was relieved that her daughter was okay. When she watched the Ring video, she was impressed that Taylor knew to go to a trusted neighbor like Nicole, who had lived on their street for eight years.

“[Nicole] is such a good neighbor and mom of three girls herself,” Kristen said. “You can hear it in her voice on the Ring video [that] she was trying to race home to get Taylor.”

Kristen said she was moved to share the video because she wanted others “to see the benefit of the [Ring] doorbell.” She added that she bought a Ring Video Doorbell for her own home the very next day.

“It makes me feel comfortable that I can see who is walking up to our house before I even open the door.”