Privacy First: How the Neighbors App Protects its Users
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Privacy First: How the Neighbors App Protects its Users

By The Neighbors App Team on December 9, 2019

At Ring, our mission is to make neighborhoods safer. It’s our belief that when communities work together, safer neighborhoods become a reality, which is why we created the Neighbors App.

The foundation of Neighbors is our customers. They place their trust in us to help protect their homes and communities, and we take that responsibility seriously.

Protecting Our Users’ Privacy

The Neighbors App allows residents to share real-time local crime and safety information, so that they can stay informed about what’s happening in their neighborhood. We’re committed to delivering this important service to the community while putting our users’ privacy and security first.

Posts to the Neighbors App do not reveal the exact addresses of the users or owners of Ring devices. When choosing to post to the app, users include the incident location, which may or may not be the same as their address. These public posts are then displayed as happening at a nearby intersection in the vicinity of the incident.

We give our users full control over the information they choose to share to the Neighbors App, and only the content that a user chooses to make public by posting it to the Neighbors App can be viewed via the app. Watch this short video that gives a quick overview of how to post to the Neighbors App.


Privacy is Our Top Priority

We have dedicated teams working on ensuring the safety and security of our products and systems that support them. Additionally, we have taken measures to help secure Ring devices from unauthorized access. These measures include preventing the installation of third-party applications on the device, rigorous security reviews, secure software development requirements, and encryption of communication between Ring devices and Ring servers.

We are always listening for and welcome feedback about ways we can iterate and improve upon our products, but it is also important to ensure that the Neighbors App and the way its features work are properly represented. If you have feedback or suggestions on ways you think we can improve our products and services, please send it to

We will continue to educate the public on how the Neighbors App actually works and the positive impact our users are having on communities around the country.

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