Ring Helps Families Watch Over Loved Ones
Ring Helps Families Watch Over Loved Ones
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Ring Helps Families Watch Over Loved Ones

By Nick on July 20, 2016

We invented Ring to help reduce crime in neighborhoods, but it’s the heartwarming family stories that are some of our proudest moments. While many people use Ring devices to monitor activity on their property, many others use them to watch over their family, to greet the kids when they get home or to keep an eye on pets playing in the yard.

These are seemingly everyday moments, but sometimes, we get a family story that needs to be shared, and this past week, we got two of them.

The first story comes from our friends at All Things Tech in the UK. Mark is the host of All Things Tech, and he recently installed a Ring Video Doorbell at his home to film a review of the device. A few weeks later, the device managed to protect his family from what could’ve been a devastating tragedy.

Mark’s 82-year-old father has dementia, and he wandered away from his home around two o’clock in the morning last week. Luckily for Mark and his family, his father’s wandering led him 200 meters away to Mark’s house, where a Ring Video Doorbell was able to alert the family of his whereabouts:


In his own words, Mark’s Video Doorbell “quite possibly saved [his] father’s life.”

We don’t get stories like this everyday, so you can imagine our surprise when, just a few days later, another family shared a similar story about their adventurous grandfather.

The second story was shared by Nikki from Florida. Her grandfather recently had a fall that resulted in a slight head injury, and he’s been in and out of the hospital for the past month. Last week, he left a hospital waiting room to get some fresh air, and he wasn’t seen for hours.

The Florida heat had reached 100 degrees, and since the grandfather left without his phone, the family was unable to contact him. “In a panic, everyone starts to frantically look for him,” Nikki said, “police, search dogs, helicopters, the whole nine yards.” After searching for several hours, Nikki’s mom received a Ring Alert on her phone, and when she answered the alert, there was Nikki’s grandfather at the front door of her parents’ house—over seven miles away from the hospital he left earlier in the day:


When we first invented Ring Video Doorbell, we didn’t know the impact it would have on families around the world. But it’s stories like the ones above that tell us there’s more to our products than catching a burglar or making sure a package is delivered securely.

For the many people who use Ring devices to watch over their loved ones, the true value of Ring lies in the peace of mind it gives to their families. Because, for the parents who look after their kids and the caregivers who look after the elderly, that’s all that matters.

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