This year’s Halloween was full of treats here at Ring HQ as we were inundated with some of the best recordings our users have ever submitted. It seemed like people had some fun and creative ways to get their neighbors into the Halloween spirit with their Rings, especially when they were away from home.

We hit a record number of Halloween Ring recording submissions, so it was quite a challenge to slim it down to our top 10 winners. However, we’ve just finished reaching out to our winners, so please make sure to check your email, Facebook messages and Twitter inbox to see if you’re the lucky recipient of a lifetime subscription for Cloud Video Recording!

Here are some of our favorite video submissions:

We just can’t get enough of Halloween here at Ring, so to help us cope with the 361-day countdown until next year, we pulled some fun stats and facts to share with you all.


7 p.m. is the New Witching Hour

Midnight is traditionally the time of night when demons and goblins are supposed to appear, but according to our anonymously aggregated data, true witching hour strikes much earlier–7 p.m. to be exact. The right time to go door to door seemed to be from 6 p.m. to 8 p.m., with a majority of trick-or-treaters making their appearances at seven o’clock and retiring from their haunting grounds around nine.



13 Best States for Trick-or-Treating

Here’s another scream-worthy stat worth sharing: the most festive 13 states to celebrate Halloween this year. We analyzed the states with the highest ratio of Ring dings and active Rings and found that the regions most enthusiastic about trick-or-treating were the West Coast and Midwest.



Most Creative Uses of “Hallow-Rings”

  1. Guarding the “Honor Bowl”
              Scaring away people from taking more than they’re supposed to from the “Honor Bowl” on your doorstep while you’re not home

  2. Using Ring for your haunted house
              Projecting growls and witch-like cackles through your Ring is a great, simple way to get trick-or-treaters into the Halloween spirit

  3. Taking the ‘Trick” out of Trick-or-Treat
             Take advantage of Ring’s motion detection technology to stop mischievous TP-ers and other vandals from having too much fun at your expense on Halloween

We hope you enjoyed “HallowRing” as much as we did, and we certainly are looking forward to viewing more of your recording submissions during the holidays!