Virtual Security Guard: Bringing the Power of Professional Monitoring to Your Cameras
Virtual Security Guard: Bringing the Power of Professional Monitoring to Your Cameras
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Virtual Security Guard: Bringing the Power of Professional Monitoring to Your Cameras

By August Cziment, Director of Operations on December 15, 2022

Last year, we announced Virtual Security Guard, a subscription service that enables trained third-party agents to provide real-time, camera motion event monitoring. Monitoring is provided by Rapid Response, an industry leading professional monitoring company with nearly 30 years of experience. Set your Ring Alarm to Home or Away Mode, and Rapid Response’s highly trained agents will monitor your enrolled Ring cameras any time Motion Alerts are triggered by a person. Monitoring agents can quickly check Live View, assess the situation, and if needed, intervene on your behalf. Now, we’re excited to announce that Virtual Security Guard is available in the U.S.1

Learning Directly from You

Since the announcement, we've been testing the service as an “Early Access” program, and have been listening to feedback along the way. This has been incredibly helpful in learning the features that are most helpful to you, and what can be improved.

One of the most frequent things we heard in the testing phase is how Virtual Security Guard provides peace of mind and how you liked the added security while out and about. We also heard stories of how Virtual Security Guard played a role in instantly sending alerts about events you may have missed, and how Virtual Security Guard was helpful while you were away from home, providing a level of comfort knowing you would receive an SMS message from a Rapid Response agent if something happened, and that it wouldn’t take away from being present with family and friends. 

As we roll out Virtual Security Guard in the U.S., we’re looking forward to hearing more about how it’s helping you focus on what’s important, knowing that trusted Rapid Response professionals are monitoring your cameras for unwanted events at your home or business when you aren’t able. 

Real-Time Protection from Trusted Agents

Rapid Response’s agents are professionally trained on a variety of scenarios, and undergo background checks and anti-bias training. They will intervene depending on the type of motion event taking place at your home or business.

For example, in the event someone is attempting to break into your business over night while it's closed:

  • First, the Rapid Response agent uses Two-Way Talk (if the camera feature is available) to let the unknown person know they are being monitored.
  • If the unknown person doesn’t leave your property, the agent requests they leave the property.
  • If the unknown person still does not leave, and is seen trying to force entry into your business, the agent sounds the siren on the camera (if the camera feature is available) and continues monitoring the situation after emergency services dispatch has been requested. 
  • The agent also alerts the device owner and emergency contacts of the situation via phone call and SMS by sending a link to the video.
  • Security Where You Want, When You Want

    Virtual Security Guard was designed with privacy top of mind. You have complete control over which eligible cameras are enrolled and can change your selection at any time. Agents are only able to see live video feed for a limited time once a person is detected. Agents cannot access saved recordings, or download or store any videos, and you will know exactly what events were viewed by an agent. And if you have Privacy Zones set up, the agents will not be able to view those areas. 

    Enroll Your Eligible Cameras Today!

    Now, you can enroll in Virtual Security Guard and enjoy the benefits of a Rapid Response agent helping keep your home or business safe while you’re unavailable. Login to your Ring Account and view your Protect Plans page for more information. The following are required for Virtual Security Guard (all sold separately): A Ring Alarm, at least one powered Ring Doorbell or Camera, and Ring Protect Pro or Protect Plus (1st Gen) plan with Alarm Professional Monitoring enrollment. Virtual Security Guard starts at $99 per month per location. 

    1 Virtual Security Guard is available only within the U.S. (all 50 states, but not U.S. territories), and is an add-on service that requires enrollment, and the following (all sold separately): a subscription fee per enrolled location in addition to a compatible Ring Protect plan, a Ring Alarm system, enrollment in Ring Alarm professional monitoring, and at least 1 eligible deviceRapid Response is the seller and provider of the camera motion person detection monitoring service and agents.  Ring bills your Ring account for this service.  Virtual Security Guard subscription fee includes 175 monitored camera motion person detection events per month.  Opt into Extra Events for an additional cost.  Ring Alarm sensors are not monitored by Virtual Security Guard (Alarm sensors only trigger Alarm professional monitoring). Learn more here.

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