Ring Launches Battery Doorbell Plus, Our Most Significant Battery Doorbell Update Yet
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Ring Launches Battery Doorbell Plus, Our Most Significant Battery Doorbell Update Yet

By Jason Mitura, Chief Product Officer, Ring on March 8, 2023

When we first imagined the video doorbell concept more than 10 years ago, we knew that powering the device with a battery source would meet the widest variety of customers possible. Now, we are proud to offer eight different models—the most models of video doorbells on the market today—spanning battery, hardwired, and power-over-ethernet.

We’ve also introduced features that offer even more value, convenience, and peace of mind. Smart Alerts, for example, help reduce unwanted motion alerts and track your package deliveries. Enhanced privacy and security settings look after both your physical and digital safety. Plus, improvements to the camera resolution and night vision give you a crisp, clear view of everything happening at your front door.

Today, we are excited to announce another addition to our battery powered family: Battery Doorbell Plus. It’s the most significant update yet to our battery doorbell lineup, with energy-saving features that result in a battery life up to three times better than our first Ring Video Doorbell.

Introducing Battery Doorbell Plus

This next-generation video doorbell is our first battery doorbell with a 150-degree by 150-degree field of view, giving you a head-to-toe view of all your visitors, whether they be human or of the friendly four-legged variety. The expanded view makes features like Package Alerts with a Ring Protect subscription even more useful because you can easily check for deliveries on your doorstep. You can also be notified as soon as a package is detected within a zone you specify during setup. Battery Doorbell Plus also has the highest HD resolution of any Ring battery doorbell yet at 1536p, providing a crisp and clear view of everything happening at your front door.

With these upgrades, we’ve made sure to keep all the features you know and trust from Ring video doorbells so you can customize the device to your personal preferences. These features include Advanced Motion Detection, which lets you specify the areas where your device detects motion using Privacy Zones. That way you get only the Motion Alerts you care about. You can also set up Quick Replies to choose preset responses for visitors when you’re not available to answer the door, or use Live View and Two-Way Talk to speak to people at your door in real time. Like other Ring devices, Battery Doorbell Plus is compatible with Alexa, so you can see, hear and speak to visitors through your Echo or Fire TV device.

With each new doorbell, we’ve improved our battery life capabilities to help you get the most out of your device. In addition to improvements over the original Ring Video Doorbell, settings like People Only Mode and Motion Zones, and features like Advanced Motion Detection all help conserve power usage by only detecting events that matter to you. Just like our other battery devices, Battery Doorbell Plus also has a quick-release, rechargeable battery pack. Plus, it can connect to your solar panel so you’ll never run out of power[i].

Protecting your privacy is just as important to us as protecting your home. Last year, we expanded support for video End-to-End Encryption to battery-powered devices. Battery Doorbell Plus gives you a full range of privacy options to protect your personal information and videos—all within the Ring App.

Let Your Doorbell Work Even Harder for You

With a Ring Protect subscription you can unlock features such as Rich Notifications, which helps you see exactly what triggered an alert with a photo preview in pop-up notifications on your phone. People Only Mode notifies you only about motion caused by a person, and Package Alerts allows you to create a specific zone, such as your front porch or walkway, and receive an alert when a package is detected.


Battery Doorbell Plus is available for pre-order today at $179.99 on Ring.com and Amazon.com, and will start shipping to customers on April 5, 2023.

[i] Ability to recharge varies based on device settings, motion notifications, and sun exposure in the area of placement.

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