Introducing Stick Up Cam Pro – Ring’s Best-Selling Camera, now with Radar-Powered 3D Motion Detection
Introducing Stick Up Cam Pro – Ring’s Best-Selling Camera, now with Radar-Powered 3D Motion Detection
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Introducing Stick Up Cam Pro – Ring’s Best-Selling Camera, now with Radar-Powered 3D Motion Detection

By Jason Mitura, Chief Product Officer, Ring on September 20, 2023

Stick Up Cam is our best-selling camera because customers love the compact design, the flexibility of being able to use it indoors or outdoors, and the multiple power options - battery, solar and plug-in. Because nearly 70% of current Ring Stick Up Cam owners use their cameras outdoors, we wanted to ensure that customers were getting more helpful motion alerts with Stick Up Cam Pro.

Since 2021, we’ve added 3D Motion Detection to our Pro line of devices (Ring Video Doorbell Pro 2, Floodlight Cam Wired Pro and Spotlight Cam Pro) to improve outdoor motion alerts and customers have loved the results. With the inclusion of radar sensors, the camera is able to measure the distance of an object in its field of view. That lets customers create more specific areas to detect motion, and ultimately receive more accurate alerts about what’s happening on their property. Given the positive customer response over the past two years, we're now adding it to our most popular camera line—Stick Up Cam Pro.

Enhanced 3D Motion Detection Powdered by Radar Technology

With 3D Motion Detection, motion alerts are more refined, and more accurate. Advanced radar-powered features like Bird’s Eye Zones and Bird’s Eye View mean customers can use an aerial perspective to pinpoint and only send an alert when their camera detects movement from people in that exact location, providing more specific information for individual motion events. For example, it will clearly show the path a delivery driver took from the front gate to the side door to drop off a package.

Smart Security Outside and Inside the Home

A small, sleek and weather-resistant design means Stick Up Cam Pro can be installed almost anywhere, inside or out. Mount it to a wall, roof or ceiling, or place it on a bookshelf to keep an eye on what the dog is doing during the workday. An HDR camera and Color Night Vision provide more clarity in low lighting, while Advanced Pre-Roll captures and shares the six seconds before a motion event is triggered to paint a more complete picture of what is actually happening at home. We’ve also added Audio+, which enables crisp, clear sound thanks to two array microphones for enhanced audio, with echo cancellation and a security siren to help ward off intruders. And with three different power options - battery, plug-in, and solar - you aren’t limited by access to an electrical outlet or direct sunlight.

Get Even More Out of Stick Up Cam Pro

Stick Up Cam Pro works great with other Ring devices. Customers can create a whole-home system by pairing Stick Up Cam Pro with Ring Video Doorbell Pro 2, or by adding Ring Alarm Pro for 24/7 Backup Internet (with a Ring Protect Pro plan) so the camera will stay online even in the event of a power outage. Subscribing to a Ring Protect Plan also lets customers access features such as person alerts, Rich Notifications, and Modes. Customers can receive motion alerts from Stick Up Cam Pro on compatible Alexa devices. For example, by connecting one to an Echo Show device, you can receive alerts or simply say “Alexa, show me the backyard”, to drop in on Live View.

Like all of our features and products, we’ve designed this camera with privacy in mind. Stick Up Cam Pro puts customers in control—enabling them to set 3D Motion Detection in the areas they care about most, customizable Motion Zones that trigger motion, and Privacy Zones that exclude areas in the camera field of view from recording.


Stick Up Cam Pro is available for pre-order today at $179.99 for battery and plug-in, and $209.99 for solar on and, and will ship to customers on October 18. We can’t wait to hear what customers think.

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