Ring Captures a Sweet Hug Between Father and Son
Ring Captures a Sweet Hug Between Father and Son
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Ring Captures a Sweet Hug Between Father and Son

By Ring on October 19, 2023

When Tyler bought his first Ring device, a Floodlight Cam Wired Plus, his primary motivation was the safety of his family.

“I was going out of town for a week,” Tyler explains, “and felt my wife and kids would be much safer with cameras.”

While their Ring devices have certainly helped them all feel secure, Tyler is most impressed with Ring’s ability to foster family connections, especially with his two sons, Hudson, 6, and Isaiah, 8. Features like Live View and Two-Way Talk, Tyler says, “help me stay connected with [them], as we often talk right through it.”

One morning, Tyler’s Ring camera captured a particularly touching moment, as Isaiah ran outside to give his father one last hug before he left for work.

“Him running out to say goodbye happens from time to time with the both of them, and I love it it every time,” Tyler explains.

After driving away from the house, Tyler couldn’t shake the special moment from his mind, then remembered he could check his Ring App and view the footage.

“The thought of checking the Ring came to [me] on my drive in, because I wanted to just save it for myself.”

“I watched it over and over again,” he recalls, “and it made me choke up pretty hard at first, the feeling of being so lucky to have what I have.”

After watching the video over and over again, it occurred to Tyler that he could share the moment on social media.

“I watched it 150 times,” Tyler told ABC News. “I just wanted people to feel what I felt.”

After adding some context and the perfect song, Tyler posted the video to TikTok, with no idea how much attention it would receive. While racking up millions of views, reactions came in from all over the world, with many commenting on the joys of fatherhood.

“Only dads will understand how much that dad needed that,” one user wrote.

“Oh man, how I miss those days” another commented. “Hang on tight, dad. It flies by!”


The “I’ve gotta go to work” hugs always hit a little different.

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After seeing the comments pour in, Tyler was filled with pride.

“I feel blessed and proud,” Tyler explains, “to have a little boy who has touched so many people from simply being himself.”

“I am an iron worker who has been in the field the last 10 years and have a full understanding of how dangerous my job can be. That being said, making sure we say our goodbyes and I love yous [is] very important to me."

And while Isaiah surely gets just as much from a hug as Tyler does, a hug to him means something a little different.

“It means like wrapping your arms around somebody, but not quite strangling,” he told WTSM. That’s one way to put it!

In the future, Tyler looks forward to more special moments like this with both of his boys, and especially hopes he’ll capture them on his Ring cameras.

“There’s plenty of reason aside from security,” Tyler marvels, “that [the] Ring camera [was] a good purchase for my home.”

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