“Ring Alarm Helped Save Our Family Cottage”
“Ring Alarm Helped Save Our Family Cottage”
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“Ring Alarm Helped Save Our Family Cottage”

By Ring on August 16, 2021

Kevin’s family cottage in rural Fish Creek, Wisconsin, isn’t just a vacation home. Kevin’s grandfather built the quaint, A-frame wooden house in 1964 — and since then, it’s become a place that holds a myriad of happy memories for the three generations of Kevin’s family.

“That’s our happiness. That’s our home. It means a lot to us,” Kevin says. “We’re on two-and-a-half acres. Not many people are there in the winter, so if something were to happen, we wouldn’t know until it’s too late.”

That’s why Kevin decided to install the Ring Alarm Security System along with Ring Alarm Smoke & CO Listeners and a Ring Spotlight Cam at the cottage. Two weeks later, his parents, Kathy and Walter, were staying there. It was the middle of winter, so they got the wood-burning stove going to heat up the place, and soon after, Kathy started to smell something. Walter wasn’t sure what it was — that is, until the Ring Alarm siren went off.

Kevin was at home in Chicago at that moment and got a phone call from the Ring Monitoring Center1 telling him that they received a fire alert from his Ring Alarm.

“I was kind of shocked — it was my first time getting a call — and they asked me if there’s any problem, if they need to send fire assistance,” Kevin recalls.

He explained that he wasn’t at the cottage, and immediately called his parents. When he got ahold of them, they confirmed that, indeed, there was a fire in the house. Kevin knew that he needed to act fast.

“I opened up the Ring App, quickly swiped the SOS Fire button and got the fire department en route,” he says.

At the same time back at the cottage, as soon as Kevin’s dad realized what was going on, he grabbed his phone and dialed 911. But to his surprise, they told him that the fire department was already halfway there.

“Ring Monitoring Center was able to respond faster than he could get to his phone and call 911,” Kevin adds.


The volunteer fire department arrived on the scene just in time to put the fire out and save the house. And Kevin was able to watch it all unfold live on his Spotlight Cam, all the way from Chicago.

The investigation found that the fire started in the newly installed chimney, and then spread into the roof and walls of the cottage. The firefighters said that if the fire had burned for just 15-20 more minutes, Kevin and his family would have lost the home.

“You can’t rebuild it. The memories would be gone,” Kevin says. “What could have been a tragic loss is now a repairable inconvenience, and we can continue our family memories at our favorite place.”

Quick Setup for Around-the-Clock Peace of Mind

Since the cottage is in a rural area, Kevin wanted to make sure it was protected from break-ins. He said it was easy to set up the Ring Alarm himself "in probably 30 minutes or less."

Everything you need is in the box, no tools required, and it works for any home. When he signed up for the Ring Protect subscription, he enrolled in 24/7 professional monitoring for additional peace of mind when he’s away.

Since Kevin already had fire alarms, he also added Ring Alarm Smoke & CO Listeners next to them. When the fire alarms detected the smoke and sounded the sirens, the Smoke & CO Listeners notified the Ring Professional Monitoring Center and helped save the beloved house.

When the family is not using the cottage, they rent it out. So with the Ring Alarm Security System, Kevin can offer additional protection to his guests as well.

“I feel that not only are my parents and I safe, but our renters are safe also,” he explains. “We want to protect our home in any and all ways possible.”

Start Building Your Ring of Security

Kevin is just one of millions of people who use Ring devices to protect their homes every day.  Whether you’re home or away, Ring makes it easy to stay in-the-know with what’s happening around your home.

If you already have a Ring Video Doorbell or Security Cameras, you can easily link them with the Ring Alarm Security System to start recording when the Alarm is triggered. And with the Ring App, it’s easy to manage all of your Ring devices from one simple dashboard.

To get started building your whole-home Ring security system, call the Ring Security Experts for a free consultation at 1-800-800-RING. Or, for help installing your Ring devices, check out our setup guides or connect with one of our trusted professional installers.

1Ring does not own its own professional monitoring center, but works with a leader in the industry to provide this service. See Ring Alarm licenses at ring.com/licenses.

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