A Tale of Generosity and Community: How an 11-Year-Old’s Good Deed Sparked a Chain of Kindness
A Tale of Generosity and Community: How an 11-Year-Old’s Good Deed Sparked a Chain of Kindness
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A Tale of Generosity and Community: How an 11-Year-Old’s Good Deed Sparked a Chain of Kindness

By Ring on January 19, 2024

Sometimes, in the midst of our hectic lives, unexpected moments of kindness shine through, reminding us of the goodness that exists in the world. One such heartwarming story revolves around an 11-year-old boy named Vince, whose simple act of returning a lost wallet not only reunited a family with their belongings, but also triggered a wave of generosity and support from their community.

The Lost Wallet:

It all began on Memorial Day when Michelle Dahlke's stepson Chase lost his wallet while out fishing with a friend. Chase knew finding the wallet would be almost impossible and dreaded the thought of replacing his driver's license and debit card. Trying to enjoy the rest of the day, the Dahlke family attended a neighborhood barbecue. Little did they know that within six hours, their day would take an unexpected turn.

The Ring Doorbell Moment:

During the barbecue, the Dahlkes' Ring Video Doorbell rang. Jason, Michelle's husband, answered the notification, and using Two-Way Talk started a conversation with Vince, an 11-year-old, who had not only discovered the lost wallet, but also made the effort to return it to its rightful owner. Jason told Vince he would walk right over to the house to grab the wallet from him. As a thank you, Jason handed him the two dollars in Chase's wallet (since he didn't have any more cash at that moment) and they went their separate ways.

A Humble Reward and Community Support:

Knowing two dollars wasn't enough to express their gratitude, the Dahlke family knew they had to find Vince and give him a bigger reward. So, Michelle shared Vince's photo and the story on social media to find him. The response was unexpected and positively overwhelming! The story went viral, with over 660 shares. Vince was identified that same night, leading to a humbling discovery about his family's challenges.

The Dahlkes learned that Vince's father, Lorenzo, was recovering from Covid-19 and unable to work, creating a financial burden for the family. After learning the details about their situation, the community rallied together, and a GoFundMe campaign was created. What started with a modest goal of $500 surpassed $7,000, showcasing the incredible generosity and compassion of the community. In addition to monetary support, individuals from the neighborhood also offered job opportunities and other acts of kindness.

Fostering Community with Ring:

The Dahlke family credits their Ring doorbell for making this whole series of events possible. Without it, they might not have been aware of the doorbell ringing or have been able to speak with Vince.

"Ring makes us feel safe," Michelle says, "as we always know when someone is at or near our front door. With three kids, it's a great feeling knowing we always have a heads up to what's outside.”

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