A Husky Finds its Way Home with the Help of the Neighbors App
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A Husky Finds its Way Home with the Help of the Neighbors App

By Ring on February 15, 2024

On a sunny day in May, Camille was knee-deep in yard work when her neighbor's dogs started barking at a yellow husky. She looked up and to her surprise she saw what appeared to be a lost dog.

According to Camille, she and her neighbor are "major animal lovers," so they teamed up and offered the husky some yummy treats to lead it to safety in Camille's yard. In spite of their efforts, the husky was timid and unwilling to go with them. Undeterred, Camille turned to the Neighbors App to create a Lost Pet post and find the husky's owner.

Before the husky could get too far, Camille took out her smartphone and snapped a couple pictures to share with her community. Noting the pup's frail appearance, she suspected it had been alone and away from home for quite a while. After checking the Neighbors App and not finding any previous Lost Pet posts, Camille asked for her neighbors' help.

Soon after, the collective effort of Camille's community kicked in when a vigilant neighbor commented that they successfully caught the yellow husky and located its owner. Thrilled that the reunion had taken place, Camille marked her post as resolved and extended heartfelt gratitude to her fellow neighbor.

As a supporter of all things furry, Camille is thrilled with a happy ending. "The Neighbors App allowed me to spread the word," she recalls, "so that community members nearby could keep an eye out." Without the Neighbors App, she says, she would have been worried sick. Not only did the app provide crucial updates, but it also offered her total reassurance that the husky had found its way home. At the end of the day, Camille rested easy knowing her actions had contributed to the camaraderie of her community!

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