A Heartwarming Reunion: How Licorice Found His Way Home With Help From the Neighbors App!
Licorice ound by neighbors app
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A Heartwarming Reunion: How Licorice Found His Way Home With Help From the Neighbors App!

By Ring on December 4, 2023

On July 11, 2023, Bobby was distressed to realize that his cherished 3-year-old domestic shorthair cat, Licorice, had gone missing. Despite thorough searches of the house and surrounding area, there was no trace of Licorice anywhere. Fearing for his feline friend's safety, Bobby and his family turned to the Neighbors App, recognizing it as a valuable resource for sharing detailed information about Licorice.

Bobby swiftly created a lost pet post in the Neighbors App, leveraging the Pet Profile feature to provide the community with a comprehensive description of Licorice and a heartfelt plea for assistance: “Please help me find my kitty, Licorice. He is friendly and might have snuck into your garage or shed without you knowing it. Please check your cameras. Any information would be really helpful. Thank you!”

“We posted photos, a description, last known location, date, and characteristics of the cat, then put the message out to the neighborhood via the app,” shared Bobby. With the message circulated throughout the neighborhood, Bobby and his family followed up on every lead. A few days later, a neighbor commented on their lost pet post with crucial information stating that they “saw this cat this morning - under my husband’s truck!!! Ran across the street. Definitely orange collar.” That same neighbor provided the location, which presented a glimmer of hope, and prompted Bobby and his family to rush to the spot. Their wishes were fulfilled as they found Licorice exactly where the neighbor had mentioned. Overjoyed and relieved, Bobby expressed that without the community's support and the Neighbors App, the heartwarming reunion might not have been possible.

Brimming with thanks and a sense of peace for Licorice's safe return, Bobby was eager to inform his community of the positive news. He promptly marked his lost pet post as “resolved” on the Neighbors App and added an update: “THANKS TO RING, HE HAS BEEN FOUND."

Moved by their neighbor's active involvement in the search for Licorice, Bobby and his family felt compelled to express their gratitude further. In a subsequent comment, Bobby offered a small token of appreciation for their help - a gift card to their favorite restaurant! With the sincere desire to convey their gratitude in person, they revisited the neighbor's home, extending a warm and heartfelt "thank you" for their invaluable support.

Promoting trust and nurturing a close-knit community isn't limited to in-person interactions. The Neighbors App offers a convenient and free platform for fostering these connections. In fact, you don’t even need a Ring device to join! By downloading the Neighbors App, you can share updates to keep your community informed, Neighborly Moments that highlight the acts of kindness happening in your neighborhood, and lost pet posts by creating a Pet Profile for your pet(s) in the hopes of a quick reunion.

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